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Scratching my head over a new dart board...
Hi guys!
I've been playing soft tip for almost a year now and just recently joined a steel league. Mind you I've only thrown steel tips once before so I'm in need of practice. I've been looking to set up a board at home but my options are quite limited here in Korea. So far this is what I've found and I'm looking to get some opinions from the nutz.

Harrows Match Play : U$75 (made in China)

Puma Patriot Bandit : U$100 (made in China)

Puma Bandit : U$140 (made in NZ)

Unicorn Eclipse Pro : U$100 (not sure where it's made)
Holy cow the prices are very high IMO - must be custom charges. Hmmm lets see what the other guys say.
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Hey Saber... yes, quite steep on the prices...

BTW I'm not new to the forum, joined up some time ago over on the old site.
wow pricey!
do One80 sell the Gladiator 2 board where you are? If so I would get that.

If not then I think the Bandit may be the best bet, not sure what the Patriot is
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There was typo in my original post, sorry about that.

Puma Patriot Bandit : U$100 (made in China)

Puma Bandit : U$140 (made in NZ)

Took a look at a180 and noticed that the SHOT Bandit Plus is roughly U$65 with shipping charges and all it'll probably be similar in price...
Roughly U$60 to bring one in from Japan...
Not many choices and the ones you have are very high priced at that. I'd go with the cheapest one until you decide if you even like throwing steel tip darts. If you practice on most any decent board several time a week and don't abuse it, it should last you a long time.

My two personal preferences are Winmau Blade IV or the newer Alien board. Prior to my step-son moving back into my man cave several months ago, my boards were getting used pretty heavily on Monday and Friday for about 3 hrs. each time by me and a friend and at least 2-3 times more a week by me for at least an hour a session. I change my boards about every 8-9 months mostly because the bulls take a beating. You can rotate the numbers to fresh wedges, but the bull is constant and takes the most abuse.
Puma and Shot boards are very nice. They are long lasting boards. I have a Puma Bandit up at home and have had it over 2 years and it was 2nd hand when it was given to me.
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I'm leaning towards the Puma boards but quite curious as to the difference in craftsmanship between the Bandit and Patriot Bandit. If going the made in China route maybe just stick with the Harrows match play.....??
if you order a board you can get whatever you want. why are you limited to those choices?

Id recommend the Blade 4 or the Gladiator 2. both should run around $80 shipped. give or take. basically the same as the others you mentioned.
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Wow at those prices you should consider setting up your own board making plant you might make a killing.

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