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i have a friend who knows george real well and he told me a story a few weeks ago. he said he and george were talking about darts (go figure) and they were discussing accuracy and darts spraying. i dont really remember why the topic came up. but anyway george tells todd to get in his stance and hold his darts as if hes about to throw. george says ok now take a breath. as todd was telling me this story he asked me to do the same thing. so i get in my stance and hold my dart up. i took a breath and as my chest expanded during my inhale i could visibly see my elbow rise just a bit. during my exhale i could see it go down just a little bit.

its not something that i ever thought about before, mainly because when im not being conscious about it i have a pretty severe wobble thats like a whisper on a scream when compared to the slight movement caused by taking a breath. at any rate, todd says that its not really the slight movement that can throw you off, but the timing of when that movement happens. if you inhale during your back stroke and exhale during your release (like most people would i assume) then the combination of movements all put together can cause a significant amount of spray. 

as he was telling me this i actually had to throw a few times to figure out exactly what i did with my breathing during my throw. what i do is take a huge breath while im drawing back and then hold it during the throw and i let it all out the instant the dart is out of my hand. which would explain why i have a tendency to throw high a lot of times. 

something to think about i guess. i dont know if the solution is to not breathe, or to just be aware of it so you can do the same thing every time? i would have done some experimenting with this but it was far too late already when i thought about it. maybe someone else can relate or can share a similar or alternate theory?

Just my opinion but I don't think that is something that you should really be focusing on when throwing darts.  I think you will naturally do the same thing every time without thinking about.  In fact, I have heard of players deliberately asking someone if they inhale or exhale when they throw as a means of throwing them off by giving them something else to think about.
Lol! Well, some less ethical players use that as a distraction technique.

Many would say not to think about it and just focus on throwing because thinking about it is a distraction.

Generally, if you think of darts as a sort of 'precision' shooting sport, with more muscular variations and movements, tying down or minimizing any variables as far as possible, and establishing consistent routine can be a good thing, but only if you don't get distracted by it. That can be done with disciplined and constant practice, till it becomes second nature where it becomes the sub-conscious part of your shot routine. 

Some might disagree with the above though. 

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Routine, same thing all the time. If you miss a lot, practice more. I'm pretty sure that a relaxed throw is what we all want. But, George does know the routine.
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Holding your breath for as little as 4 seconds can start to blur your vision. My father was a marksman... one of the first things he was taught is to not hold your breath.

Also, I think George would tell you not to think about your breathing at the line. That's simply a distraction from your main goal: put it in the hole.

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Don't think about these things please. Just throw ya arrows.

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