Target storm points
I will start off by saying i re-point my own darts as i have the proper equipment to do so, Nearly all of my darts that i use have target storm points on them as i just love them. I have bought atleast 6 sets but two sets i have a problem with. The last two sets i have bought have had atleast one that does not stay in the barrel, i tried a set i bought in the past in the same barrel and have stayed in perfect, the 2 sets i am having problems with coming out the barrel i have tried in numerous sets of darts but to no avail keep coming out. 

I emailed target couple days ago about this issue but have still not heard anything back, They are not the cheapest of points as we all know and i know it's impossible for target to inspect every point made but i thought better of target. 

Does this seem to be a common issue with the storm points? Has anyone else experienced the same problems?
Match darts: Adrian lewis gen 3 23g 
Had no problems with mine other than one breaking in my king darts here is a few of mine with storm points fitted
I had a problem like this the other day. I put some saran wrap as a shim around the point and used some lock-tight to seal them up and no problems yet. That's a type of epoxy/glue
I also use loc-tite on my points. Haven't had an issue.
Best with a grip personally

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