schofield,pike canes fitting
i have always shaped the stem as i fitted this ,which can lead to some over trim

a gent in the pub enquired if i had any rattan canes

i have but only for mediums

his  father as been playing with his schofield's for over 50 year

understandable,i was in bridlington at our caravan,schofield's where made there

his father(71 years old) had sent his darts,with the old canes,which kept falling out,dry

horror ..............heavies

having a medium cane (used),cut to size with me i was just too big to fit in side

fitted it left a little shoulder,but it would fit tighter then his old ones

As i always do,put about 10mm into the dart

to this this mark,i put a med ring on as a template,scored all the way round

then with stanley knife,i trim to this line,all the way around

then with a pencil sharpener i put a point on big enogh to get a mark of the internal diameter

as i turn it i make sure to hold it as to get the mark in the middle

as i said very little had to be removed,so as i have always done 

i trimmed with knife to start,now i have very little cane to play with

so for some reason i got an hack saw blade ,rubbed it once  all the way round,

in a left/right movement,which made it a fur texture

then tapped the end of the cane with the back of a wire brush.i am sure any light object can be used

i held the barrel in my hand

it went in,repeated a few time,it was up to the shoulder

did the other 2 the same

he also wanted a spare set,no matter i have a single heavy schofield type barrel

hole ....too big...what to do,.....all i could do was pull an already fitted cane out to use as a template

2 pairs of pliers and a really good pull it was out,no way would it have fallun out

so it did work

have i been doing it wrong or is this a possible improvement on current practice

any comments welcome
Well, if it worked I'd say you did it right!

I don't know if there's anyone here who would have more knowledge of doing this that you to be honest.

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