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Hi DartsNutz,

I thought I would share an example of my practice sessions as my game has improved massively since I started with a more consistent and structured practice. I stick with the same order for a few weeks before switching a few things round with different games.

1. I start by throwing no less than 30 darts at tops just to get my arm loosened up and at make sure my arm is following through correctly. I don`t move on until the darts are flying as I would like.

2. I then move to a simple round the board in big singles (twice) before moving onto round the board doubles.

3. I work on the common double finishes for about 10-15 mins just switching to the next one when I hit (40-20-10, 32-16-8, 24-12-6, 36-18)

4. After the common doubles practice I would pick from 6 darts finishes from 61 onwards or working on scoring.

5. Then finally go back to working on the weakest part of my game. (currently scoring)

I always make a record of how many shots it took to me to get round the board, hit certain targets and doubles to find the weakest part of my game so I know where to improve.

Its suprising how many people will hammer away at T20 , T19 for practice and be a decent scorer but cant hit a double when it comes to the finish and these players stand out like a sore thumb. I have beaten tons of players who are ahead and I win just by having a stronger finishing ability.
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It seems like a good complete training plan

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Good routine! Similar to what I am doing, but with more detail towards the end. Sounds like something I will start to do.
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Good plan , well done Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. I don't have such time yet at home for such training, but I am working on it .
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awesome job! when i started i put a lot of emphasis on doubles, set up shots, knowing my outs, and hitting solid singles. i was the type of player that will wear you down with 40-50 points a turn but when i got a chance at double i hit it more often than not. i would get the occasional 100+ but it wasnt consistent. i also hit tons of 26s, 28s, 22s, etc.

one of the things that really put me on a different level is playing a game i call switch up. basically i play a game of 501 or whatever but the rule is that you cannot hit the same number twice. so once you hit 20 you have to switch to another number. so my scoring really started taking off because now instead of hitting 41s and 45s im hitting a lot of 99s, 97s, 94s, etc. and even when i dont get a triple i still end up with a lot of 56s, 57s, 76s, etc. being confident in throwing at 19 or 18 has helped me tremendously. i still incorporate that game into my practice a good bit, especially when i first start throwing.

if you decide to try this let me know how you like it and if it helps.


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