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Cricket strategy
Hi guys. So I competed in my first darts event yesterday here in Malaysia. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. 

One thing I noticed (other than the fact there were so many players who must have had a much higher rating than they were claiming) was the strategies used in the cricket matches. Usually when I play cricket I'm trying to score a few then close down as many numbers as possible, trying to finish the game on the bull asap. The other competitors seemed happy to open a number and just score on it. Some games I watched there were just 2 numbers open with scores up in the high hundreds. Totally different to the way I've always played. 

So my question is this... Do you use a different strategy in tournament cricket matches?

I know a lot of it depends on your opponent. One of my team mates was saying get 100 ahead then close your opponents number but it seems I got different advice each game  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

I love cricket, I love how tactical it can be but the style of play I witnessed last night was new to me. 

I managed to win my 3 group matches but lost in the first round of knockout stage. Like I said earlier, some of these guys looked suspiciously better than 'Rookies" as the event was advertised for.
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I love this topic. I have played in a league now for years, and the strategy has changed. Let's say I go first, I hit 4 20's, this makes my opponent to hit 5 19's...I try to keep the pressure on them, depending on the skill set of my opponent is how many points I go for. Some people get behind early and fold, some guys get super focused. And of course if you are given an opportunity you gotta hit your marks! If I'm holding one dart and my choice is to hit a trip to close or hit for points, I tend to point, we call that a hero dart. It all depends on the skill of the oppont.
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The biggest and best strategy anyone will every have in Cricket (especially in tournaments) is "the one with the most points can't lose"
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When in doubt go for points. I feel if you are comfortable with your lead go for close. If that means up 1 mark or 9. If you are comfortable you will have more confidence to close that next number.
Point early, point often.

If I, as loopdogg says, open with 4 20's, that puts me up 2. If my opponent counters with 5 19s, giving him 19s and 38 points, I'll throw 1 at 20 for points to put me ahead. If I don't close the 19 with the second dart, my last dart goes for points. I could have gone all for points, but I want the game to move forward as well.

The longest/best-battled games come when equally skilled players are matched.
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I always try to be 6 marks ahead every round in points or closes.
Always try 3 marks 1st. If my 1st darts land on T20, 2nd darts will try to close the house. If landed on single 20 then i'll try for 7 or 5 marks.
Trying to be better darts player insyaAllah.
Guess we won't see many Brits or other European players responding to this thread much. With the exception of the OP and Jason Fidler's unknown location, it is a US response type thread.

I'll take the time to chime in a bit. Yes, I do change my "strategy" a bit when playing for money or in an important match, like a league game or playoff situation. I tend to try to score more points to put my opponent under more pressure to throw good darts on every turn to beat me.

I am a bit more casual in this approach when playing just for the hell of it in pick-up games in the bar or against lesser players that I shouldn't have much problem beating. Yes, that has cost me a few games, but that's not the end of the world when things don't really count for anything.

It can be used as an example to be fair. Have an opponent beat you when not playing your hard game, then come back and play them like it is for a payday and destroy them to show them the difference in strategy and how it changes the game.
The thing about a good cricket strategy is it should be adaptive to an individual situation. And there are so many variables in play, to write them all out would take a week. And to read them all would take longer. To memorize them would be impossible! Cricket is best learned through experience. When you are playing pick up games, don't be afraid to change up what you would consider to be your default or go to strategy and see how it affects your opponent and his choices. Personality traits in people can usually make them very predictable. Use that in those situations and see if you can spot those traits in people when you do certain things. Like, what does Jimmy do if I leave his point open and just go for closes. Or how does he react if I bury points. People with different personality traits will usually react a little differently. This can be used as an advantage if you can learn what to look for. I will stop here. I can talk about cricket for hours Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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