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Couple of fun practice games
Thought I would post a couple of practice games I use - especially good for times before or perhaps during luck of draws if boards are open and you want to stay loose but don't want to chalk -

Carryover Cricket -

There are no points involved - you shoot the cricket numbers in order but you get extra marks on the next number instead of scoring.

So if you're first shot was 2 20's and your next turn you hit a triple 20 - you would get 1 20 to close plus you would have 2 marks on the 19's -
First to closeout wins -

50-60 - is a 301 di/do derivative -

2 versions -

First version - you have to hit a double bull to start scoring - (hence the 50) - after you are in - each shot must be 60 points or better to count -

Second version is only having to shoot a 50 or better score using any double to start (so double 20 and 10 or better would count) -

It can get interesting at the end as if you leave yourself with something like 55 you have to take that out or you bust since its not 60 or greater
Going to have to give a couple of these a go next time I'm out
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