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Poll: How often do you replace your soft tips?
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Once they snap
5 31.25%
When they're mangled
7 43.75%
Once a week
2 12.50%
More often
2 12.50%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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How often do you change your tips?
Following on from my other thread on breaking shafts, it's got me curious...

How often do you guys change out your soft tips in your darts?

1) Only once they snap

2) Once they get bent up and it's too much effort to straighten them back up

3) Once a week

4) More often
Cosmo Fit Point Plus tips
Trinidad Jet 18 gram barrels
Cosmo Carbon size 8 shafts, large, Orange super kite air flights  

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Just because of how relatively cheap they are i swap them out once i notice that they are starting to bend. If i'm mid game ill try to bend them back and carry on. But at the end id swap it out.
I use L Style Lip points. And even on my heavy 22.3 gram darts I rarely change them out at all. A pack of 50 last me a year or so lol
Change them
1) Only once they snap

Usually snapped by family and friends who are new and hitting way out of target!

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