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Which Bristow style dart has the most grip?
I'm thinking about purchasing new darts and am considering 22 gram Harrows Bristow's, Target Tony O'Shea's or the Alan Norris darts sold by A180. Which dart has the most grip? I generally prefer a medium to slightly above medium level of grip?
I'd throw the Harrows Glen "Duzza" Durrants into the mix as well.

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I'd say Durrants too, Norris are lighter grip
I have a set of the very latest Bristow darts. They are 22g and Harrows have gone back to 13 rings below the signature (they reduced it to 12 for a while) and the grooves are cut in a very similar way to the Duzza darts.
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22g Chizzy and in 24g Kellets
may all the doubles be with you

If you grip more at the back try those 22g Dartsclearance darts. They are very grippy.
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I got the target O'shea darts, lovely dart to throw. but the grip is not so grippy, i would say below medium grip.
Chizzys are the best
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Thanks for all the responses and recommendations!

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