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Throwing across body
Lately I have seem to be throwing across my body.  I can feel my arm crossing right over my chest....20's becoming 5's . Can't seem too stop and average is dropping.
Are you aware as to which your dominant eye is ?
I will presume the right one since my dr brother says my vision is weaker in the left one.
I have had the same problem. Said it on here many times but the recap is: hand moves left to right and fingers flick to the right as well as my elbow rotating outward. The result was left to right scatter. I focused on a more vertical forearm and ensuring I initiate the throw with my tricep (with proper wrist movement of course). This has begun to get me right back on track and I am finishing with my hand straight down, pointed at the board, and in alignment with my intended target and my deviations are now more vertical and minimal.
Target Taylor 9 zero soft and steel tip 

Boards: Gladiator 2 with Target Vision lighting system and Gran Board 2 soft tip with Target Corona lighting system. 


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