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13" Boards with 2-hole distance
currently playing in a league where we play Darts on a 13" Board with only 2-hole distance on the double and tripple segments. I'm currently training on a bristle board but I would like to switch on a normal e-dartboard without spending a ton of money for a whole Dartmachine. I also don't have the space for such a thing in my new appartment. Are there any good Dartboards with a 2-hole distance you can suggest? Budget is around 150€.

AFAIK one of the rare Homeboards that lasts is the "Karella Premium Silver".

Does is have to be electronic?
If not you could buy Spider and Segments for a Löwen-Dart and DIY a decent Home Board that is exactly like our Machines.

Or a Bull´s Compy for around 20.

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