Harrows Darts.

aiming and focus
I Am wondering what point everyone uses for their focus point when throwing for a certain triple or double. I know everyone is different, but will welcome any comments or advice.
Darts. 24g Phil Taylor Gen 3 barrels.
Medium Lstyle carbon shafts with shell lock system.
Harrows retina flights.
For me it's pretty simple. I look where I aim and I aim where I want to hit. The only exceptions are if I am using a previous dart as a marker to try and guide the next one into the bed.
Target Taylor 9 zero soft and steel tip 

Boards: Gladiator 2 with Target Vision lighting system and Gran Board 2 soft tip with Target Corona lighting system. 

Personally if aiming for a treble 20 I focus just above the top right of the upper wire and if aiming for ANY double I focus on the outer wire as I feel it's better to wire it for a marker than get a single (odd numbers especially) again this is personally.
I must add I am by no stretch of the imagination a decent player I play for fun so take my advice as you will.

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Darts currently used ....... Target Taylor 9five Gen3 26g with Harrows short Supergrip stems and punched Target Vision Flights.

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Board used ......... Winmau Blade 5 DC
Anytime I'm aiming for any particular portion of the board, be it a double, triple of even a fat single, I'm aiming for the dead center of that segment.    Or I should say, concentrating on trying my best to place my dart there.    There have been times that I see a hole where a dart hit a treble or double and I concentrate on that to see if I can hit it to achieve what I'm going after.   Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and when it doesn't I know I need to practice more.

This is a fickled game and it can easily frustrate you if you let it.
I always aim (I wouldn't really call it aiming but more focussing as I don't really use my dart as a sight) at the centre of anything I want to hit. Did you try flight school? You get alot of advice about these things included.
I registered for flight school at the beginning of the week, but understand George is having some health issues.
I just do not have the consistency I want with trbles and doubles.
Consistency on singles about 85%.
Triples about 60 %.
Doubles about 40 %.
I try and aim for the same point each time, but probably about a quarter of in inch off which is alot in darts.
Triple twenty has no consistency at all either on or off, nothing in between.
Have alot of 81 and 85.
Darts. 24g Phil Taylor Gen 3 barrels.
Medium Lstyle carbon shafts with shell lock system.
Harrows retina flights.
Aim for the centre of the target or the flight of the previous dart.

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