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my friends and I got tired of doing the same practice routines and playing the same computer opponents so I made up a few new games for us to try that sort of incorporates some practice routines into the games. lets face it, practice is boring. and the computer opponents it seems like one level is absurdly easy then the next level completely kicks my butt, and that's really not fun either. I like to challenge myself, but some of these apps have 20+ levels and by the time you get to level 5 the computer averages 50+ and 2.5 marks per round. that's not fun. when im playing my best I can compete with this but im not always playing my best.

so the other day after getting tired of getting my butt whipped I dropped it down a level and then I got tired of having no challenge at all so I decided to push myself with some rules modifications.

the first "game" I came up with is what I call Switch Up. I played this on x01 and cricket and I was really surprised not only at how much fun it was, but also how well I did. the basic rule of the game is that you cant hit the same number twice in a turn. if you do, even accidentally (hitting 5 twice while throwing at 20) then you bust and enter a 0 score. this includes doubles. I played on 501 for a bit and it was a nice challenge and pretty decent practice but it also helped my counting as I had different numbers to add up than I usually do. where this game really shines though is in something like 301. once you get down to around 100ish you really have to think about your next shots to avoid having to throw at the same number. we also played this in cricket, which was also surprisingly fun. I figured we would get slaughtered but we actually did quite well. the only downside to cricket is that if you clear all the numbers except bull then you just locked yourself into at least 2 turns and probably 3 or more. that took about 2 games to figure out then we would just throw at bull if we had an odd dart which helped a lot.

I think the beauty of this game is that it keeps you from going into zombie mode where you are just chucking darts up at 20. having to realign or re-aim helped keep me on my toes. tonight is my league night so im going to use this as a practice before matches begin.

the next game I haven't come up with a name yet, and if you've read any of my other posts in this section youll know is really odd because I really like naming stuff. anyway, in my league we play x01 and cricket so what we did was play x01 but only cricket numbers counted toward our score. so if we hit S20, S20, S5 then we would only score 40. this was a hoot to play and it also made me realize how much i have improved as far as consistency since i first started almost 2 years ago. this one, like the previous game, you really have to pay attention once you start getting down around 100 because you can really mess yourself up. there were a few times where i ended up having to throw at a weird combination because i could only use 20-15 and B. but again, it definitely made me focus harder.

after we did those two we decided to go all out and combine the two. x01, only cricket numbers count, and you can only hit 1 of each number in a turn. that really makes you understand just how good you are at aiming. and you really, really have to pay attention on this one once you get low because you can actually bust on seemingly high numbers (i accidentally left myself 44 a couple of times). there were also a few times where i had to hit really strange combos like S15, S16, D16 because i couldn't see any other way to make the out.

i know these games aren't for everyone but if you have the same problem that i do in that in most circumstances when im playing at home or at friends houses im usually the best player there. sometimes its not by that much, sometimes im quite a bit better than anyone else there. so i used these games to handicap myself against my wife, who has her moments but overall just isn't very consistent at all. this actually was a LOT more fun for both of us than me spotting her points or marks.

so after doing this for a while i decided that i would try to handicap myself while i was playing some practice games against the computer. i played a few games where i couldn't hit 20, and if i hit 20 then it was a bust. this was very interesting, especially during your set up shots. it makes you totally have to rethink your shots.

i think next time ill try something like making only odd numbered doubles count. or maybe having to hit one odd number in each turn. or throwing blindly at the board and whatever number you hit that means you have to hit that number in each turn. or giving yourself a random number (or throwing at the board i guess would serve the same purpose) and whatever number you hit you have to get at least that number with every throw (double included if youre really nasty). so if you throw and hit 12 then if you get your score under 12 then you bust. or i guess if you are really good you could throw all 3 at the same time and add the numbers up.

i like to try and find anything i can to spice things up. i get really bored at throwing at the same numbers over and over again. yes, i know muscle memory and blah blah but sometimes i just want to have fun and try to make it less of a chore. personally i don't see how it can do anything but benefit you to have to throw at different numbers or different outs than you are used to. the more you can challenge yourself to put a dart in a specific spot and the better you get at doing that then it cant help but to improve your overall game and consistency.

anyways, sorry for the awfully long post but thank you very much to the people who actually read this far. i really appreciate it and if you do try these let me know how you like them or how they can be improved upon. or if you do something similar let me know about it because im always trying to come up with different ideas on my own.

thanks always!
That switch up game actually sounds really good. I'm gonna give it a go tomorrow as my counting is notoriously terrible haha
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Sounds like a fun game.. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.: Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. darts for life..! :stressed:
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Nice post ..gonna give them a try...

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