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Target Titanium Gen2 any love?
Any love for the Target Gen2 pinch grip style stems in titanium? Any strong dislikes for the Target system aluminum pinch grip tips that hold the flights? I am attracted to the idea of a premium stem that accepts traditional flights, I'm just not sold on the Cosmo or Stealth molded flights. I do hear good things about the L-style silent spin that take regular flights but they are still plastic with carbon/plastic tips. If only someone could make a titanium shaft that takes regular flights with titanium spinning tip on microscopic ceramic ball bearings for $19.99 a set...

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So, no love for these stems? Any particular hates?
i like them. I have the black titanium gen 2 shafts too. If I were to use a titanium shaft other than my cosmo titaniums I'd use these. Same if I were to use an aluminum shaft. I have a set of medium blue target pinch grip aluminum shafts and they are great
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Thanks for the input. They look high quality and strong. I see in another thread complaints that the aluminum tips get torn up jagged and can result in cut fingers. I guess I may have to break down and try the Cosmo that spin because I am having more and more tight groups with bounce outs deflected off the flights of my previous throws.

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