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Hi there new to the forum nice to meet you all

I have a problem where my natural throw has let me down this past year where i have developed a twist in the wrist when the dart is drawn back and sometimes the dart can become very snatchy or it can become very uncomfortable but as i say this is my natural throw. I really want to change my throw to not let the wrist twist on the backswing so i can get a clean straight throw. However, the darts land straight in the board but just my hand gets stuck sometimes or find it difficult to maintain a rhythm.

So do you think i should change my throw and how long would it take (i practise 2hours each day) or should i just stick with my natural throw and it is just in my head? Thanks!
I think if you overanalyze your throw that can hurt you sometimes more than you think. I have my wrist bent back already and my drawback it doesn't move. I only move it at the very end of my throw. I've been told this is good and I've been told it is bad but it's really what feels comfortable to you.
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I have been dealing with a somewhat similar problem. I am now focusing on a straight draw back to below my eye with the dart straight. I also have my wrist cocked at the beginning of my draw. Final thing that has helped is finishing with my hand perpendicular to the ground and not the more common palm down. Palm down caused me to sometimes catch the dart at release with my index finger causing it to drift into the 12 bed when I was aiming a treble 20. Been doing this a few days and it is becoming more natural and my scores have improved greatly.

Your natural throw is always best because it will be the most consistent. That is, unless you are having consistency problems due to a fundamental problem with your throw or release as I was.
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Sounds like the same problem I have.Couldn't figure out for the life of me why my darts were wobbling to the board until I recorded myself and boy was I shocked. By the time Im about to push forward the point is aiming near the 12 sometimes worse.(dart completely sideways(point at 11&flight at 6) The only thing that helps me is to have a shorter draw back to just before it starts to twist. Took me forever to figure this out and I still forget myself from time to time resulting in some very wobbly and wayward darts
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Thanks for all your posts. As i say iv won competitions before playing like this but somehow i still doubt myself over this throw especially when im throwing bad and blame it on how im throwing my dart. Iv been told not to worry about it, maybe its just in my head and need to forget about it. Thats when my rhythm may come back naturally? But sometimes gets bad when i practise because maybe im overthinking it.
Sorry to reply back to this post but i am severly confused. It seems when i am out the house and in the game situation my normal throw comes back with a decent rythm. However after the game or usually when i am back home practising my throw stops and stutters and have no rythm compared to a game situation. Is it my mechanics doing this or should i stop practising for a bit? I dont understand why my throw changes and snatchy in practise but not in a game where my throw comes back. Is it because im overthinking in practise? Thanks any replies would be great

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