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German Darts Masters Draw/Schedule
THE PDC European Tour returns to action from March 26-28 with the German Darts Masters at the Ballhausforum in Munich.

The 48-player sell-out event commences with the first round on Saturday, with play across two sessions as the 32 qualifiers face off.

The field will be finalised on Friday night following the Host Nation Qualifier in Munich, which will see the final four places taken by German players.

Sunday sees the 16 seeded players enter at the second round stage, including reigning German Darts Masters champion Michael van Gerwen and World Champion Gary Anderson, with the third round on Monday afternoon and the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final on Monday evening.

The German Darts Masters is available to watch worldwide for all www.LIVEPDC.TV Subscribers.

Live coverage with faster streams is also available at the following betting websites:
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Bet365 (Worldwide) –
Betfair (UK, Ireland, Spain & Denmark) -
Tempobet (Worldwide) -

Live Scores will be available at the PDC Live Scores website,

German Darts Masters
European Tour Event Two
Ballhausforum, Dolce Hotel, Munich
Saturday March 26
First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm UK time)
Mark Walsh v Thomas Junghans
John Michael v Ronny Huybrechts
Cristo Reyes v Mark Barilli
Jeffrey de Graaf v Darren Johnson
Host Nation Qualifier 3 v John Bowles
Daryl Gurney v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Host Nation Qualifier 2 v Peter Hudson
Andrew Gilding v James Richardson

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm UK time)
Mike Zuydwijk v Joe Cullen
Kevin Painter v Stuart Kellett
Chris Dobey v Ben Davies
Host Nation Qualifier 1 v William O'Connor
Jermain Wattimena v Alan Norris
Host Nation Qualifier 4 v James Wilson
Stephen Bunting v Steve Beaton
Devon Petersen v Nathan Aspinall

Sunday March 27
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm UK time)
Brendan Dolan (14) v Reyes/Barilli
Justin Pipe (16) v Painter/Kellett
Terry Jenkins (11) v Gilding/Richardson
Ian White (7) v Walsh/Junghans
Robert Thornton (9) v Dobey/Davies
James Wade (4) v Zuydwijk/Cullen
Kim Huybrechts v HNQ1/O'Connor
Dave Chisnall (8) v Wattimena/Norris

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm UK time)
Adrian Lewis (6) v HNQ3/Bowles
Jelle Klaasen (10) v Michael/R Huybrechts
Michael Smith (2) v de Graaf/Johnson
Peter Wright (3) v Bunting/Beaton
Mensur Suljovic (15) v HNQ4/Wilson
Gary Anderson (12) v Gurney/Van den Bergh
Benito van de Pas (13) v Petersen/Aspinall
Michael van Gerwen (1) v HNQ2/Hudson

Monday March 28
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm UK time)
Third Round

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm UK time)

All games are the best of 11 legs.

Tournament Draw Bracket
Peter Wright (3) v Stephen Bunting/Steve Beaton
Brendan Dolan (14) v Cristo Reyes/Mark Barilli
Adrian Lewis (6) v HNQ3/John Bowles
Terry Jenkins (11) v Andrew Gilding/James Richardson
Ian White (7) v Mark Walsh/Thomas Junghans
Jelle Klaasen (10) v John Michael/Ronny Huybrechts
Michael Smith (2) v Jeffrey de Graaf/Darren Johnson
Mensur Suljovic (15) v HNQ4/James Wilson
James Wade (4) v Mike Zuydwijk/Joe Cullen
Benito van de Pas (13) v Devon Petersen/Nathan Aspinall
Kim Huybrechts (5) v HNQ1/William O'Connor
Gary Anderson (12) v Daryl Gurney/Dimitri Van den Bergh
Dave Chisnall (8) v Jermaine Wattimena/Alan Norris
Robert Thornton (9) v Chris Dobey/Ben Davies
Michael van Gerwen (1) v HNQ2/Peter Hudson
Justin Pipe (16) v Kevin Painter/Stuart Kellett
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Hamo, when you do your copy and paste why do you increase the font size all the time so it is huge - I'm blind as a bat without my lenses in but I can still read it if it's normal size lol.

Anyway, the Host Nation Qualifiers were held last night and the players through (in HNQ order) are Tomas Seyler,René Eidams,Fabian Herz and Marko Puls - results as follows:

German Darts Masters 2016
Host Nation Qualifier

Karsten Kornath 6-2 Achim Segschneider
Thomas Wolpert 6-0 Alfred Tettampel
Manuel Nastvogel 6-4 Ahmed Ersoy
Michael Stübs 6-5 Simeon Heinz
Gürkan Kaynarcalidan 6-1 Daniel Muckle

Round 1
Tomas Seyler 6-1 Daniel Weber
Gabriel Clemens 6-2 Thomas Schriever
Christian Schäffer 6-0 Richard Hacaj
Christian Gößwein 6-1 Sebastian Pohl
Kai Gotthardt 6-4 Tobias Seibert
Marvin Eßer 6-4 Martin Schindler
Jochen Graudenz 6-3 Swen Seifert
Mick Hasse 6-2 Karsten Kornath
Max Hopp 6-0 Daniel Strübig
René Eidams 6-0 Markus Schumm
Andree Welge 6-0 René Ponath
Thomas Luksch 6-5 Peter Seidl
Ricardo Pietreczko 6-4 Michael Döppling
Alexander Köhler 6-3 Heiko Buetehorn
Peter Eiser 6-0 Michael Uxa
Steven Reusch 6-2 Thomas Wolpert
Fabian Herz 6-5 Jyhan Artut
Marvin Wehder 6-0 Bernhard Sander
Daniel Fickel 6-3 Michael Braun
Zejlko Kuzman 6-3 Simon Wißmüller
Frank Gansen 6-0 Christian Dressler
Pierre Finck 6-1 Lutz Ilzhöfer
Michael Unterbuchner 6-1 Filippo Berretta
Michael Hurtz 6-2 Manuel Nastvogel
Maik Langendorf 6-0 Alexander Geis
Tobias Plötz 6-1 Daniel Greilmann
Marko Puls 6-3 Benjamin Sorger
Michael Stübs 6-0 Joachim Lorenz
Matthias Ehlers 6-1 Leon Crump
Swen Gewalt 6-0 Christian Steiger
Bernd Roith 6-0 Michael Voigt
Gürkan Kaynarcalidan 6-3 Helge Brückner

Round 2
Tomas Seyler 6-4 Gabriel Clemens
Christian Gößwein 6-4 Christian Schäffer
Marvin Eßer 6-4 Kai Gotthardt
Mick Hasse 6-2 Jochen Graudenz
René Eidams 6-3 Max Hopp
Thomas Luksch 6-4 Andree Welge
Alexander Köhler 6-3 Ricardo Pietreczko
Steven Reusch 6-3 Peter Eiser
Fabian Herz 6-5 Marvin Wehder
Zejlko Kuzman 6-3 Daniel Fickel
Frank Gansen 6-5 Pierre Finck
Michael Unterbuchner 6-4 Michael Hurtz
Maik Langendorf 6-4 Tobias Plötz
Marko Puls 6-2 Michael Stübs
Matthias Ehlers 6-4 Swen Gewalt
Bernd Roith 6-3 Gürkan Kaynarcalidan

Round 3
Tomas Seyler 6-4 Christian Gößwein
Marvin Eßer 6-3 Mick Hasse
René Eidams 6-1 Thomas Luksch
Steven Reusch 6-2 Alexander Köhler
Fabian Herz 6-3 Zejlko Kuzman
Frank Gansen 6-0 Michael Unterbuchner
Marko Puls 6-0 Maik Langendorf
Bernd Roith 6-4 Matthias Ehlers

Round 4
Tomas Seyler 6-4 Marvin Eßer
René Eidams 6-0 Swen Reusch
Fabian Herz 6-2 Frank Gansen
Marko Puls 6-5 Bernd Roith
Only seems to happen when I do it on my idea why Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. worst thing is it looks normal on my phone so don't even know it has happened....hopefully sorted now

Anyway...C'mon superchin..let's have another good run
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Big or small print, I just enjoy to be up to date in the world of Darts. Thanks again Hamo and mc1958
Hopeing for good Darts from Thomas Junghans. Hop Swiss
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First 3 games of the afternoon ended up as 6-2 wins for Mark Walsh, Ronny Huybrechts and Cristo Reyes
two games left this afternoon - scores so far:

Mark Walsh 6-2 Thomas Junghans
John Michael 2-6 Ronny Huybrechts
Cristo Reyes 6-2 Mark Barilli
Jeffrey de Graaf 6-4 Darren Johnson
Fabian Herz 3-6 John Bowles
Daryl Gurney 6-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Rene Eidams wins 6-1 Peter Hudson (who missed a bunch of Doubles in nearly every Leg) to met MvG for a revenge for the Ally Pally loss.
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My little darts collection

180th: 14x
Highfinishes: 118 (20 T20 D19), 112 (T20 12 D20), 108 (T20 16 D16), 102 (T20 10 D16), 110 (T19 17 D18), 101 (T17 B)
The leg of my life: 12 Darts (T20 T20 T20 20 ( :s no 9darter Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. ) T20 20 20 T20 T20 T20 5 D8) 


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