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What's your favorite match of all time?
Not asking what the best match was or best averages or anything like that. But just in terms of dramatics and a match you could watch over and over. There are a bunch that come to mind but for some reason I love the match in the 2015 World Cup with Hong Kong against Republic of Ireland. Not sure why it's my favorite since I don't really follow anyone that participated in the match but I just love seeing Scott MacKenzie melt down in singles and then just do work in doubles. Inspiring to me   What do you got?
Not looked for a video of it for a while, but the Zuiderduin Masters final between Scott Waites and Darryl Fitton from 2011 - Waites edged it 5 sets to 4
I'd say Phil vs Barney world championship is the match that got me into watching darts on tv.  And the match between lewis and taylor with all the 180's. It was just nice to see two going toe to toe while having some fun.
I agree with your World Cup 2015 selection - a very entertaining match I've rewatched recently. This match also comes to mind - the last 20 minutes were fantastic.
Taylor vs Gregory at the Lakeside.
I don't really have a particular favorite match but last year at the Japan Masters Van Gerwen vs Wright was a great match. One of my favorite matches I have seen just based on how close the match was and the end result. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bCm4rqIDCA
I have a few that I enjoy. I think I've seen just about every dart video on Youtube but a recent one that comes to mind is the Stephen Bunting v Phil Taylor soft tip match in Japan. I remember sitting here in my computer chair truly amazed at how well both of them were playing. They didn't miss. Well worth a watch.

I haven't seen that one Cy. I'll be sure to check it out
I couldn't even start to think about my all time favourite there's way too many!
But recently its gotta be barney beating mvg at the world championships, crazy match
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Pure drama? Whitlock against Hankey. Grand Slam of Darts 2013

Hankey was down 6-1 and just being dominated...then he starts laying on the Hankey charm. Whitlock just falls to pieces.

Classic gamesmanship but absolutely hilarious.

This is one off mine favourite matches ever. it was the first and i think one of the last all dutch finals on a world-championship.The match contained it all, drama fireworks and yes an unexpected   winner.
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Match darts: Cosmo Darin Young with No1 gear shaft and teardrop fit air flights.
May the darts be with us
Yeah I like the Hankey Whitlock one to. Me personally I was playing league and my opponent was on 32 I was on 139 and their team hooting and hallowing until I hit trip 20, trip 19 double 11 for the match. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Hankey vs Whitlock 2013 for me to.

Dont think a match has had me het up so much.

May go down as Hankeys last great match!
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Talking of comeback matches, Scott Waites vs. James Wade in the 2010 Grand Slam final. Feel sorry for Wade but it's just such a great Waites comeback, BDO getting a rare one over on the PDC as well! You can see it on the youtube.

   Bunting Gen 2 - 23g.
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Yeah... Waites vs Wade because of who won and how they won. Waites played some fantastic darts in that match. And it's always fun to see the PDC "golden boys" taken down a peg or six.


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