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O-rings for Soft Tip Darts
TL;DR: If you have problems with o-rings that are too big try M1x2 o-rings (2mm inner, 4mm outer, 1mm width).

Hey Soft-tippers,
Last couple days I've set out to find the proper o-rings to use with my soft dart gear and wasted some money figuring out what works and what doesn't. As such I figured I would share what I found on here for other's to see. 

Before, without using any o-rings, I would always have to re tighten  tips or shafts between throws. Not a big deal I guess, but it bugged me. I bought some titanium conversion tips from w-darts to use my darts on my friend's sissal board and saw that it had orings which kept the tips tight.

Atempt 1: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IUN...detailpage
These O-rings are meant to fit 2ba darts, but on my darts they would spill out of the threads when tightened (both tips and shafts). This problem didn't seem to happen with my friend's steeltip darts and shafts. The ones on the titanium tips worked well as the tips have a larger base diameter compared to my lippoints which is enough surface area to compress the oring without spilling out..

Attempt 2: After realizing that 2ba is a threading standard, I went to my local hardware store to see if they had any that would work. I picked up a small pack went home to find that they were the same size of orings as the viper ones I bought from amazon.

Attempt 3: Finally fed up with loose shafts and tips and bulging orings I gambled on these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00595...detailpage

M1x2 orings. 2mm inner diameter and 1 mm width. These worked perfectly and are small enough to not bulge over the sides of my lippoints.

My Setup:
Lippoint Tip -- Shot! 910 2 18gm -- Lshaft Silent Straight
White Lippoint | Shot 910 2 | L-style Carbon Silent Straight 330mm | L-style White Astra Flight || 19.7g
Thanks for sharing, good info!
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I got lucky on my first shot I guess. I ordered some for the first time very recently and they are quite tiny. A pain in the ass to put on but they do the job extremely well, you can't even see mine are on.
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What you could try is using one or two pieces of rubber (I use small pieces of discarded inner tube) and place one on the barrel, and one at the base of the tip and tighten up crazy. It won't come off so easily after that.  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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Given that i´m just Lasy, i just bought one of those Brass Cones to slip the O-Ring over the Thread.
No more Pain in the A.

My shafts came loose after every shot it seemed. Started using O-Rings but then the shaft and the barrel were never perfectly in line because of the O-ring.

Then I heard a tip to take a small piece of saran wrap/cilng film/plastic wrap, place it over the barrel hole and screw in your shaft like normal. Once secure simply rip/cut away the excess plastic.

Works like a charm. No loose shaft and straight as can be.

For what it's worth...
Thanks for saran wrap tip! My daughters were steered towards Lippoints when we bought their darts and every throw they come loose! I wanted to just throw them away and try something else but this is working great now.
I have encountered this problem as well. I use Harrows darts, the older tungsten models like Assassin, Assassin Expert and Nemesis, all have quite huge space on the thread, and the o-rings made by Harrows never work on these, their rings are too small!

On Harrows brass and stainless steel sets, their Harrows branded o-rings work perfectly, as well as their newer models starting from the darts made by their new Japanese machines.

I also bought Target o-rings, and these work perfect on Harrows older models, and spills out on the newer models and the brass sets.

So for your case, you seem to need Harrows o-rings, they are smaller than usual!
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