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Staying loose at tournaments
It seems like I shoot my best darts when I have had some substantial warmup.   I always seem to struggle at tournaments and even league nights where you are not playing steadily.  I can usually do well in the first round as I get there early and warm up, but as soon as the layoff comes between first and second round I seem to lose my throw as there are usually other matches going on and any free boards tend to have 4-5 people shooting on them.

Does anybody have any good advice for staying loose at tournaments?
Stay on the board that you finished on and keep throwing. Throw, Throw Throw.

You can try having practice sessions that simulate throwing every 5th man. Use a timer.

Play more doubles events .. this would correlate to a similar timing.

Just a few quick ideas. Good Luck.

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Maybe take more breaks at home when practicing ... if your matches usually last 15-20 minutes then throw for that time, then wait 30 minutes and do it again ... of course this doesn't take into account how long you have available to practice so it might not be a viable option for you, but I think the only way to get over this is to prepare for it really.
Thanks for both of your replies - I will try to put some sort of timing mechanism into my practice -
I would add to keep stretching your arm out between rounds. I have the same problem in tournaments too. If I don't stretch and stay loose it feels like I need to get warmed up again when I go play, which takes me about 5 turns or so.
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Many tournaments don't have extra boards to throw on. You can simply move your arm a lot.

I suggest you keep score to stay mentally focused... And no matter what, do not sit down.

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Ever tried wearing a compression sleeve? It will keep the blood in your arm warm and pumped and won't get as cold so soon. Just something I'm also trying out since I have state qualifiers coming up.
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