Frustration or murder
Here is a great focus orientated practise routine i picked up on the web...I believe it was on the Bay Area Darts Association site.Not for the easily frustrated and i guess geared towards the more advanced players.So it's round the clock on doubles...but...your first 2 darts must be thrown at a high scoring treble. (ie 60,57)Must hit 1 treble to go for a double, if you miss both darts at treble your 3rd dart is a free dart to chuck at whatever you want.If you hit a treble on your first dart you must throw your second dart at treble also, you only have 1 dart for a double.If you hit a treble with 1 of your first 2 darts and take out the double with your third then it's back to the trebles to move to next double in sequence.  A timed event usually. Good Luck Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Sounds like a good way to practice two treble (or 4 marks if you miss a treble) outshots.

I like a drill with switching as it's something that I specifically need to practice.

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Yeah in that practise mentioned I often alternate 60,57,51

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