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Where can I buy a Dartman Smartboard
im looking to get a Dartman ASAP I just haven't been seeing any sites with them for sale or In Stock! Any help would be appreciated or just a heads up on who to contact! I'll take new or used!

Where are you , I have bought not long ago ... but in Spain
I think they stopped production but I think there is still stock left, contact Dartman on Facebook.
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manuelgil still got it...
There are better options.
(03-05-2016, 04:20 AM)Chardotz Wrote: There are better options.

Agreed - is an OK board but glad I sold mine and moved on (although I do miss a couple of the game options).
I ended up with a dartslive 200
Please tell me how you like it. I love Dartslive. If only the home board played on line. Oh, I wish.

I'm sure you will enjoy it. Congrats.

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