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Win, lose or draw ?
I thought it might be an idea to create a page for people to talk about their last game ! 
Did you win, lose or draw, what was the score, any special out shots, 180's, did you win the footy card, was the food up to scratch, how you was feeling and anything else that might make interesting reading. Doesn't have to just be a league/ cup match, you could talk about your last practice, highest averages, highest checkout etc.

Let of some steam, tell the world and have fun.

Appologies if there is a similar post already, if so please bump that post and I will remove this one. 

I'll start with my last league game. I was awful by my own standards, couldn't string 3 straight darts together, my new arrows arrived 2 days prior so I didn't have much time to practice with them. At one point my opponent hit 3x100 in a row so I was in big trouble throughout. Luckily for me he couldn't hit a double so managed to pluck a 3-2 victory from the jaws of defeat, coming from behind on all 3 legs. I persisted with the darts for another couple of days after but was still throwing bad in practice so I reverted back to my tried n tested arrows and I'm playing well again. 
Last practice session, 63 avg over 5 legs, 111 out and 112 out. 

Over to you.
Tonight was the first night of the new league season and my debut in A grade.  I've been practicing a fair bit but not wildly confident about the way I'm throwing so I was a bag of nerves.

My partner and I lost our doubles.  Neither of us scored well although I did take out D16 to win one leg.  Mixed competent throws with nervy ones in my first singles but hit my doubles to win my first game as an A grader.  A mixed bag again in my second singles game but starting to feel a bit more relaxed.  Took out the deciding leg and threw pretty well.  Lost my final singles game and played badly.  Opponent took out 70 to win with S20-missed bull-D15.

My new team won pretty comfortably in the end and I felt like I made a good contribution.

All in all a lot of good things to take away.  I hit 11 tons in 8 legs of singles, won two games and hit my doubles pretty well.  I know that I need to keep practicing and that if I do I should get better.  Just thrilled I wasn't hopelessly outclassed although it's early days yet!

Darts: Harrows Glen Durrant Duzza Series 2 24g, short Harrows Supergrip shafts, Harrows flights (Marathon/Retina/Optix/Rapide) 

Best 501: 13 darts (League), 14 darts (Pro Darter)

Best Checkout: 154 (League), 160 (Pro Darter)
Lost 3-2 in last 16 of a tournament vs a county player missed 7 or 8 darts to go 1-0 which may have changed the game. Went 100 100 last 6 darts to leave 43 andput some pressure on but he checked out with his last dart. All in all happy with how I played in the game except the result
Last night was our first night back for Spring League 2016. My team remained in the B division, and won 9-7 over a team that, quite honestly, we should have beaten more like 12-4 or so, as we did last season. We're without one of our better shooters (broken hand) but some of our teammates were a bit rusty from the break I guess.

Myself, I went 4-0. Won singles 501, taking out 78. Won Doubles 501, taking out D10 after my teammate missed a close 3rd dart at D20. Won singles and doubles cricket too. Not getting too excited as all four matches i played players i SHOULD beat... but I guess that's part of the deal, not playing down to the competition and winning the ones you should win.
Current Match Setup:

DPC Gun Metal 25g w/ Voks Tornado points.

Monday night, lost 5-4 against the team that currently leads the division. Won my doubles and singles match (2-0 in the best of 3 singles) Second leg of the singles I was on 60 after 15 darts (ton, 41, ton, ton, ton) before I thought 'holy crap I'm on 60 after 15 darts!' and it all went wrong.

Won £16 in a game of Big Six afterwards!

Good to read about your games, thanks for sharing. Pundy79, what is " big six " ?
Our game last night was a close one, they are just one place above us in the league so was always going to be a close one. We managed a 4-4 draw in the end.
I went 1-0 down and I was struggling in the 2nd leg, I was up against a good opponent, at one point I thought I could be 2-0 down here ( best of 5 ). Luckily he couldn't hit his double so I came from behind to make it 1-1. I wasn't worried about losing the game as I knew he was a good player, as long as I play well I don't mind the result. Fortunately I went 2-1 up and then made it 3-1. Game set n match. I was feeling good during the game, just hit a 157 checkout in practice and narrowly missed a 160 so I was certainly good to go. This club has a few boards scattered about so plenty of space to practice first, unlike the club I play at that only has one board.
I know the feeling extremebean. It's not often any of us throw the way we know we can when in a match. Yesterday however was a rarity for me, other than a few bad throws I played as well as could be expected. That's a good achievement from you though, 5 ton plusses in a row is good going at anytime.
Big Six: first player has to hit the big six segment within three darts. If he manages it, he gets the remaining darts to hit any segment on the board (or any enclosed ring on the number ring) to leave for the next player. Next scoring dart counts. If he hits the segment with his last dart, he gets three darts to leave a target. If he fails to hit the segment, he loses a life. Last person with lives left wins.

Ah I know that one. Haven't played it for years. I believe we used to call it " leave it ". Good fun game.
One problem with darts... everyone has different names for all the different practice games.

Last match was Monday evening. The darts had felt terrible all night, but the wins were coming because they were a weaker team and my doubling was somehow impeccable! Won the first leg with nothing special, finished in my first dart. Second leg the scoring was just as bad, but finished with a nice clean 116 finish (S20 T20 D18). Felt really good to finish like that and instantly the darts seem to feel a bit better too.
Current Setup: 22g Reddragon Dragonflys
From Ontario, Canada
Best game: 11 darts
Instagram: @weswrestle10 
The last time I played I fed $1 into the machine. I warmed up with 1 game of count up and almost hit 180-180-141 on the trot. Ended with a score of 1018 (127.25ppd)
Played one game of Bermuda Triangle with the D Bull turned on for the last round and scored 954.
Then another game of count up and I forgot what I scored lol
Hi Cyanide. Could you explain Bermuda triangle please ?
(02-05-2016, 08:37 PM)steve1 Wrote: Hi Cyanide. Could you explain Bermuda triangle please ?

13 rounds total. 39 darts will be throw. 

Start at the 12's. If you hit 3 12's your score is 36.

Continue to 13's. If you hit 4 13's you scored 52 points. That's added to your previous score. So now you're at 88.

14's next

Then shoot for ANY double with all 3 darts. 

Next 3 rounds will be 15's, 16's and 17's. 

Then ANY treble. 

18's, 19's 20's

Then shoot at the 25/bullseye area. Any 25 or 50 hit only scores as 25 points. This would be a bad time to hit 3 bulls lol

Final round is bullseye only. 

Here's the catch. Anytime you miss with all 3 darts your score gets cut in half Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

So imagine having a massive score and missing in the last round. Most frustrating thing ever!! Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

It's a very common game on an Arachnid soft tip board. You can also set the machine for 12 rounds instead of 13 by selecting bullseye only which makes the game easier. ANY part of the bull counts in the last round.
Wow, I'm sure it ain't as complicated as it sounds after a few attempts. I'll have another read tomorrow after a coffee or 6.

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