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barney phase 5
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what is peoples opinion on the barney phase 5. Thinking of getting a set but would like to know what people think of them
Love them but you have to enjoy throwing a tapered dart. I used the 21g version (black and gold) and the 22g (tungsten) and found the 22g grippier. They seem to be sensitive about flights but soon as you dial them in, they're great darts. I usually like a really grippy dart but these are becoming my favorite/most used. Just have a really nice balance to them without any odd flight characteristics.

Don't be thrown off by the 80% tungsten...he only did that since it's a thicker dart and he wanted the darts to still stay semi front/mid weighted. If they were drilled out, they would be very nose heavy.

I use medium stems and Harrows Marathon (smaller Standard flights) and they lay flat. If I put on Standards, they sit up at an angle.

Everyone I know that has thrown my set likes them and remark on how easy they are to throw....it's one of those darts you can pick and just feels natural. You don't have to spend 15 minutes throwing them to get the hang of them like a lot of darts. I've used straight barrels for the past 3 years and this is my first tapered set...and I've already made the switch (they're now my league darts.....I got them only a few days before league started and used them because they felt so comfortable).

It really comes down to grip and color. If you like flashy, buy the odd sizes. If you want a little more grip, even sizes.

Not sure if you knew but Darren did reviews on the heavier versions. I know Barney plays with 21g and I use 22g....but Darren had the same opinion as me, loved them.


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