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How do you get the right position on the oche?
Can anyone suggest a method to find the perfect position on the oche? 

I tried the thing with your dominant eye but the darts are going really astray sometimes. 

I´m thankfull for any help.
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There is no real right position.
Try watching a few dart matches on youtube and pay attention to the beginning when the players are doing warm-ups (usually with the PDC dart competitions). They'll position a camera aimed at the player and you can see the player's feet positions.

You take 20 top pros and you'll most likely have 20 different feel positions at the oche.

I think the most important thing is to first find the most comfortable position for your front foot. You want to be stable and comfortable. If it means having a straight foot (toe towards the board) and being a few inches further back, do it. Gary Anderson plays this way and we see how well he does.

I would first try your front foot at a 45 degree angle. That's comfortable for most people and keeps them stable. With your rear foot, try to keep it inline with your front foot. Now try different spots around the oche and spend time on each spot. See which feels the most comfortable and gives you the best accuracy.
It also helps to try throwing at numbers that are on the outside edges of the board...this will give you a better taste on how comfortable that position is. Like D20, D3, D11, D6.

If you find a comfortable spot with your front foot, then try subtle changes with your back foot. Maybe twisting the foot backwards/forwards, moving it over just an inch each direction. See what subtle differences are negative/postive on your throw.
You will be surprised how much a small ankle/foot twist of your rear foot can change your whole upper body position. Pay attention to your rear shoulder when adjusting your back can almost use the rear foot as a rudder.

Another trick is to take some painter's tape (that comes off easy) and put one strip across your oche and one stripe where your rear foot is.
Draw little marks/slashes on the tape and throw from each of these spots. If you have good luck with one specific spot, draw a small X at that spot so it reminds for later practice. You can each keep a roll of tape next to you....when you find that perfect front foot angle that's giving you a lots of accuracy one day, don't move your feet but bend down and lay a piece of tape at an angle on one side of your foot. Like this....


Just remember which side of your foot you laid that piece of tape. That way the next day you can put your foot down in that exact same position...just line it up with the tape mark.

Do the same with the rear piece of tape. Maybe draw small dots on the rear piece and make a small mark where you had a lot of good luck with your rear foot.

It's something I still wrestle with all the time. Plus it doesn't help that many bars have oche's that aren't lined up perfectly. You think you're in the same spot but you're actually 5" over because the oche line isn't squared up. Just try to focus on the number that's directly in front of you. So at home when you're in position and look directly ahead, you find yourself staring at the T14. Try to emulate that when going out because just can't count on the oche lines for accuracy.
There is a DIY sight right tool here.  A youtube video explains how to use it. It *might* help. It might not....
Its a fair bit of trial and error but the sight right is worth a try, I used to stand over to the right but I know think just left of centre is best for me. You need to take time and observe how your darts are flying but it has to be an observation of your consistent darts don't keep adjusting every other dart.
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