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what feels right vs results
hello everyone,

I got some new darts not too long ago and I was having some bad trouble with them. you guys helped me out and I was able to figure out what the issue was but during that time when I was getting frustrated I tried a lot of new things as far as my throw is concerned. during this time I ended up changing some things that ended up netting some really good results, but it just didn't feel right to me. for instance, I realized that at the end of my backstroke I do a little pivot of my wrist. ive never noticed it before but since I noticed it now I cant help but notice it. like when you get a new car and all of a sudden you start seeing a ton of cars just like yours that you never noticed before. so I started throwing without doing that because im a very analytical person and my thinking was that any kind of weirdness would surely catch up to me, as its very hard to replicate something like that every throw (in hindsight ive noticed a ton of other players doing some variation of this, like Adrian lewis). so anyway, it definitely seemed like I was throwing a lot straighter and more true when I don't do that, but it feels like its completely out of control. normally when the dart leaves my hand I can pretty much tell where its going to go just by the way it feels as it exits. but doing it this way I honestly had no idea where it would go, but it kept going straight.

my question is this: we've all changed some things around and tweaked things to get better, but have you ever did something that really didn't feel right at all but you kept doing it because it got you results? and did this work out in the long run? is it easier to try to tweak what you have rather than learning something new? I guess my biggest fear is that I end up putting a lot of time into doing something different only to have everything plateau at around the same point.

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