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Nice review. The only problem I've seen with these though is if your darts are too long.
Otherwise a great case!
Nice. It comes with tip and shaft holders. Thats the one thing i'm looking for. Although i have (reportedly) a special edition colour of the KrystalOne, so i'm not sure I want to put it in a wallet.
Darts: 18g softtip Monster Cobra 2BA, 260 LStyle Champagne Shafts, L3 Flights.
Other Darts: 18g softtip Monster Soldier No.5
Best out (soft tip): 106 (16, Bull, d20).

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Great review, I have one on the way Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images..
Steel Tip: 
Monster The Cobra II, Dragster intermediate shafts, L-Style Jelle Klaasen Champagne flights
Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core
PB 501, 13 darts on July 18, 2018
PB 301, 6 darts on September 24, 2017
Soft Tip: 
Monster Rapier IV MG, Dragster intermediate shafts, L-Style Haruki Muramatsu Ver.3 Champagne flights
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