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Target Top Spin S Line, Pro Grip Spin Shaft and Silencer
Just wondering if anyone has got/used them since the launch, or the older Silencer?

Any comments of their performance, did they loosen up over time, and are the tops replaceable?

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not tried them as yet, but interested to hear if any one has also
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I use those for about a year now. Only one broke so far.
In the beginning I was getting annoyed with the rattle of the flight holder in the shaft.
So I took pliers and pulled one flight holder out of the shaft.
The bit is attached into it's place with a little dent in the side of the shaft.
I packed the hole with a lot of thick grease and pushed the holder back in.
Then I get a blunt nail cutter and exactly at the place of the little original dent I squeeze all around the shaft until it still spins but doesn't rattle anymore. The flight will move out of the way and will still spin quiet easy, but not rattle anymore.
Last week I killed my first flight holder with a Robin-Hood. Usually I bent them afterwards back with pliers but this time it was bent to far and broke of...
After a little tinkering these are the best around by a mile compared with most spinners I tried so far. Second best standard is Harrows gyro spinning, the red variant, black is too tight sometimes and doesn't spin. Those wil start to rattle after a good time use as well. but for a standard product I think they are pretty awesome! I must admit I haven't used the l-style system and the Designa superspin nylon jet. The rest so far all rattling BS!

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