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Any new doubles games
Just wondering if anyone had any good doubles practice games that hadn't been heard of before. I'm looking for some new games to change around my practice routine so it doesn't get boring.
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I practice doubles by starting a D20, throw one dart if I make it move to the next number, if not and I miss I try again, and if I hit a single and halve it I'd shoot a D10. Kinda like throwing in a match. I give myself 3 darts to take out the double. I know it's like only shooting at even numbers 40 through 2, but it works for me and I seem to through at almost every double at least once or more. I know practicing doubles can get kinda boring so I hope this helps.

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You may have seen the Winmau 420 posted earlier .....I've given it a few goes and found it a fun way of working on those all important, match winning doubles.

Another doubles game I devised is '301 Doubles' you start off by hitting an outer bull (25) and close out 301 BUT you can only score by hitting doubles......and as you get close to finishing you'll have to work on your maths in order finish it correctly :s

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