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Can't decide on a electronic board
I am trying to get better at darts. I am currently in a bar league and we play on arachnid electronic boards.
I am looking for a board for my house but can't decide on what is the best.
I was deciding between the dartman smartboard and something like the arachnid 800.
Here is my dilemma. I want something with a good display for scoring. A full read out of a cricket game would be really nice.
But I seem to not be able to find a board that doesn't have something undesirable.
I like the Arachnid boards because they are the same color and look as what I play on in league. And I would be more like something close to what I will play on.
But unless I get like their highest models their scoring display is lacking. The boards seem to have a pretty high failure rate. And are not the greatest quality.
The dartman seems to have a better display but not the colors I like and also seems to be of even lower quality than the arachnids. And has more bounce outs.
Then there is the darts live board which seems to be of better quality than the other but lacking in the scoring display as far as I can tell.

I would look at the gran board but I can't seem to find one with any fast or decent shipping in the usa.

Anything I should be considering besides these? Or which is the best option? I don't want to spend more than $300.
Get the Arachnid 650. Cheaper. Parts are available and accessible.

All boards have pros and cons anyway. And you'll use the board for practice for league games. It's the same board you use in the pubs. That's better. 650 has handicap mode. Only difference with 800 are the built in game modes.

Welcome to DNF btw!
Yep got to go with the Arachnid 650 unless you can find a new 800 cheaper,,,,,,,since you are already familiar with the Arachnid pub boards only makes since ,,,,,, the same materials go into every Arachnid board with a 15.5 inch face ,,,, If you look around you should be able to do it for less than $100,,,,,,,
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Ok I will be going with an arachnid board. I am at one more crossroads though.
A few things about the 650 are putting me off.
1. The Cricket scoring is done by LEDS changing color. I am red/green color blind. While it doesn't mean I can't see red or green I sometimes have trouble discerning the colors as they are not as different to me as they are to other people. It would make the scoring harder for me.
2. It only has 2 scores displayed for cricket. I am not completely against this. But I would prefer 4 displayed scores.
3. It does not have selectable bull. The only games I play in league that double bull matters is 701 and cricket. I would like to have a board that can do double bull on and off. Plus when playing for fun with friends I would rather not have to explain to them that bull isn't always 50.

Because of these problems I think the choice for me comes down to 2 other boards.
Arachnid 670 which has the x/o feature for cricket. And has the double bull on or off option. But only has two active displays for cricket.
Or spend the money on the 800 Which has selectable bull. Four displays for cricket with x/o

The cheapest I see it in the USA is about $240.
Has anyone shot on these boards? How are their quality?
The quality of an Arachnid 800 is the same as any of the home boards with a 15.5 inch tournament playing surface,,,,,the spider wire is the same size ,,, even on the pub boards,,,,they all use the same plastic for the plastic segments,,,up to the G2 pub boards,,,,,,

I bought both these for pennies on the dollar off of craigslist,,,,,,,

This board came out in the 90's,,,,,

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This board is a few years old,,,,,,

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The plastic segments will work on both boards ,,,,,,, the newest G3 boards have the same size parts just tougher to handle the heavy weight darts,,,,,, 

So if options of split bull and 4 player score are needed I'm sure Arachnid makes one,,,,,,
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I was convinced I needed a new fancy electronic board, and was looking into the Dartslive 100s, and some of the newer fancier stuff coming from overseas. I ended up getting an Arachnid Voyageur from a local shop for about $50 bucks. It looks like my league board, has a decent display for scoring too (similar to some of the higher ups I'd imagine). But - I found that it didn't accept power adaptors, only batteries. So what I did was just keep the board up without batteries and used www.pro-darter.com on my tablet for scoring. Lets me keep track of my shots and stats, and play the computer too. Plus the games against the computer go way faster.

You could certainly look around for soft-tip boards that match your league boards and use the app as your scoring device and probably save ~100 bucks if that interests you.
I found an arachnid 800 used for 150 and got the guy down to 100 bucks. It is pretty much brand new.
Lucky you!

I use a cheap $10 board at home.

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