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Dart hangers.. unicorn
Has anyone tried the unicorn teknik 360 board clamp yet? Wno one but want to be sure it isn't garbage first. I like new ideas!
Looked at the mounting you're talking about. That is a sweet concept. Price wise, its twice the cost of a rotafix mounting bracket. I have 2 boards - both mounted on the rotafix. The up front install is easy to do on the rotafix, but, for me took time and patience. The second one went faster. With the rotafix, there is a small chance of the part (hanger tail) breaking or wearing out compared to the magnetic fastening system...minimal, but there. Food for thought. I expect someone on this forum will weigh in on it at some point, with more than just a theory. I am very interested in hearing what they say as the concept intrigues me.
Sorry I couldn't be of benefit, but, like you, will be awaiting for a response from a Nutz.
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I do appreciate your response. Let's just wait and see what happens. If I bite the bullet and order one I'll be sure to take photos and demo it.

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