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KO Practice Routine
Forgive me if this is idea is old hat but....

I read with interest a post about solo practice being more productive than match play.... I can see the point: obviously the time spent alone honing your skills & working on your weaknesses is invaluable but I always found playing against better opposition on a regular basis brought out my best darts. My practice routine sort of addresses this or at least the level of skill required.

I play a knock-out competition against imaginary opponents - to progress I have to reach a certain level of darts at each Round.

For example: I play best of 3 legs 501 & in the first round (let's say the last 32) I have to finish the first leg in 27 darts or less, the second in 30 or less (as I have the darts in that leg) & 27 in the decider. If I win 2 out of three I progress to the last 16 & then lose a throw & have to finish in 24, 27 & 24 darts respectively. I drop a throw each round : Last 8 : 21, 24, 21. Semi: 21,18,21 & Final: 18,15,18

These are my tailored to my skill levels but it can be modified to suit any level - just add or subtract a throw or two to set the goal for the standard of match you usually compete in.

Obviously in any competition you could meet the favourite in the 1st round but you're more likely to meet a numpty (like me for example!) early on & better players later.

I like this routine as it keeps practice interesting & relevant to the ultimate aim which has got to be to be able to play a better game whether it be in a KO competition, league game or even a friendly.

It allows me to see how I am progressing & gives me confidence knowing I can perform to a certain standard as long as I just focus on my game & not worry what my opponent is scoring .... At the moment I'm struggling to get past round one ....but when I can reach & win the final on a regular basis WATCH OUT! Ha ha!
I like it. For me, things like this add a little more fun to a practice session.
I think I'll give it a go using the same levels. I will need to up my game to get past round 2 though!
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