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I created an Android darts practice app.
Hey guys. I wanted to share with you an app I created and put on the Google play store.

I used to keep record of my practices with pencil and paper and hundreds of tally marks. But then I decided an app would be easier.

Maybe you guys can find it useful.

It lets you pick targets 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and Bull. You can specify how many darts you want to throw. There's a RAND and RAND2 setting. RAND will give you a random target each round. And RAND2 will give you 3 random targets per round. (i.e. 15, 18, 20) Mainly to practice switching targets on the fly.

It keeps stats like marks per round and your average hits. Also 9 marks, 8 marks, hat tricks, etc.

The name of the app is "Darts Target Practice" (real clever I know)

And here's the link:

Give it a try. Hopefully you find it helpful.
Good job. Yes we will try it. Thanks!
I've downloaded, will have a try of it over the weekend.
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Downloaded. I'll give it a try after work. It will be good warm up for my league match tonight.
It looks good!
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Is it still in beta testing stage?
(09-25-2015, 02:11 PM)FireStorm Wrote: Is it still in beta testing stage?

I consider it to be complete right now. No bugs that I'm aware of. Although there may be some...

I'm planning to add more to it in the future. I want to add more practice games and drills. This is kind of a basic "throw x amount of darts and count how many times you hit" drill. I'd like to add some of the popular practice games people play and keep stats on those.

Was thinking of adding a timer also. So you can set a practice time.

This is my first app... so I'm learning the ropes of android development.
Is there an IOS version of that?
(09-25-2015, 03:09 PM)majeek Wrote: Is there an IOS version of that?

Only android version sorry.
In the spirit of testing - It didn't like it when I tried to remove 'Player 1' before adding another player. I got an error message and then the app closed itself.
Target Daytona Fire 21g, Cosmo carbon fit flight system
I like it so far.

Only thing I would recommend at this point would be some kind of explanation of RAND and RAND2 inside the app. We know what they are since you posted it here but somebody that isn't a member of the forum happens to find it and downloads it would have no idea what they are. Maybe a name change? not sure with the size of the drop downs.

I just tried the delete player1 with out adding and it gave an error that there must be one player and them went back into the player edit screen.

There is a setting page option to select at the top of the app that doesn't bring up anything. A future development?
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the feedback.

@Omp - Yes, I kind of added the Player1 as a last minute thing before releasing it. I didn't do anything to account for a fresh install without any players. So I just added "Player1" to the DB as the default player. Thinking you could just remove it. But I see that is not great solution. It shouldn't close the app when you try to delete the only player, it should give a 'toast' message saying there must be 1 player like Stalker saw.

I think what I'll do is remove player1 and when there's no players in place of the player dropdown I'll put a button saying something like "Add new player" and then not allow you to Start until you add the first player.

@Stalker - I also thought that the RAND and RAND2 aren't very descriptive. I was just hoping people would just click on it and see what it does. I would like to put a description somewhere but the problem I run into is real estate on the screen for that kind of stuff. I have a phone with a small screen and it barely fits everything. I'm sure there's people out there with even smaller screens. You are right though, they do need a better description. I will come up with something.

Thanks a bunch guys! That's really helpful feedback. I will fix these things in a new version.

Edit: I wasn't aware of the "Settings" option. I will hafta remove it.
Crashed on me a few times. I sent feedback after 2nd one.

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Me, Jaykay, an Titan were talking earlier about the future of darts where it may someday be played "virtually" because there is this Samsung Eyegear being slowly introduced in the market that permits one to play in a virtual world. Someone might start thinking of an app that can do that.

Yes that virtual match might someday be possible. You can play against computer beings that resembles Taylor and all these PDC superstars. Webcam darts, Phoenics, Dartslive, etc will be Virtual Darts as well.

Whatever happens, I just want to have some virtual moments with any of the walk on girls.

And as to this forum - please, not a virtual meeting with Larry while in a shower room!!!
you mean taylor and the pdc guys are actually real? sorry just having fun
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Brilliant stuff downloading now. Ran out of paper lol

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