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Laser Darts Replacement Points
I purchased a set of darts with knurled points. The knurled section acted like saw teeth on my dartboard. I located the only local full service dart store in the city of Houston, Rick's Darts and Games. He replaced them with Laser darts replacement points. These are black coated steel dart points.
The coating allows the dart to really stick firmly in the board. I had to twist the dart to get it out of the board. The penetration of these points is better than standard dart points as well. I have used them for a couple of months now. The coating has worn down to the steel. The points still penetrate very well and hold firmly. The points are as sharp today as new. Yes, they have been dropped and hit concrete with no deformation of the point.
A side benefit of these points is for players that place a finger on the dart point. The coating and texture of these points provides non-slip feel without knurling or grooves that can weaken the points.
If you are considering replacement points for your darts, Laser Darts Replacement points are worth consideration. I have found them available on two online resources. One is Laser Darts web page and the other is A-Z darts.
I use those points too. A-Z Darts has them.

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