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Ceri Morgan - Wales
He made his World Championship debut in 1979, beating Barry Atkinson in the first round before losing to Tony Brown in the second round. In 1980, Morgan reached the quarter final, where, as the number 8 seed, he began his campaign in the second round where he defeated Alan Grant before losing to Cliff Lazarenko. He repeated his best ever performances at the World Championships in 1981 and 1984 by reaching the quarter-finals. He lost to John Lowe on both occasions.

His last appearance at the World Championships came in 1987 with a first round defeat by Jocky Wilson.

One of his biggest pay days came in 1980, when he won the Austin Morris British Masters against Bobby George, the top prize being a £5,500 car from the tournament sponsors. As Morgan did not drive, the sponsors made the offer of a cash option instead.

Morgan hit the highest shot out of the 1983 Unipart British Professional Championships v Steve Brennan with a 170 and in 1986 reached the semi-finals of the same tournament. He was runner-up to Nicky Virachkul in the 1979 World Cup Singles and reached the semi-finals of the World Masters in 1982.

I remember watching Ceri play and remember him for his extraordinary throwing action!

Here he is after winning the Austin Morris British Masters in 1980.

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Thanks for sharing and making us aware of his great contribution in darts.

What's he doing now? Still actively playing?
I know he was still playing Super League in 2013.

Couldn't find much on him but here is a clip of Ceri on Bullseye. I think you will agree...not an orthodox throwing action...
A little story from the late, great Sid Waddell talking about the Welsh home international team in the 1980s.

"Later that night there was an amazing scene in the bar of our hotel. Two thirds of the Welsh team were so hammered that they were talking in tongues. CERI MORGAN, a bearded, wild eyed lad from Treorchy who had the throwing style of a stick insect and put "Pub crawling" as his hobby on his official biography- was conversing with ROCKY JONES in what I can only assume was Welsh. ROCKY JONES was a coal miner- and very fond of a pint. They were propping each other up. Suddenly LEIGHTON REES, the Welsh Captain waltzed in with a lady darter wearing a maroon crimplene trouser suit. Seeing his team paralytic LEIGHTON REES turned martinet. He waved his cigar at the lads and boomed "You are representing Wales tomorrow! No more drink! Early night!"

He pointed to the door and the boys scuttled off. He turned to our BBC party and patted his lady friend on the rump.

"This is MY early night!.

Great story about Ceri Morgan and the legend that was Leighton Rees.
The Welsh had some throwers in that era, Leighton Rees,Alan Evans, David Roxy Jones, Chris Johns and of course Ceri. I remembered thinking Glamorgan would have had some team.
looks like he has a dart through his head in that pic Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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