spin shafts ?
what are your likes and dislikes on spin shafts for?
At one time I experimented with these type shafts. I used Dyna Star shafts and flights and they spun very freely. That did lower, but not eliminate the bounce out rate, Robin Hooding became non-existent, and allowed for tighter groupings since the flights spun out of the way. The problems I had with them was how easily they would bend if there was a bounce out and the cost of the things.

So, for something beefier I tried the aluminum spinning shafts where the part that holds the flight was able to spin. They were horrible with their looseness and how they would rattle when throwing the dart. They seemed to be a Robin Hood magnet for me and once they were hit in the prong area by an incoming dart, the prongs would either bend badly or even break off on impact. They too tended to bend a bit if they hit the floor hard enough on a bounce out.

I went back to the old tried and true nylon shafts. They are cheap to buy, easy to find, easy to replace even if the shaft breaks off even with, or below the barrel.
Likes: It spins, less deflections, less chances of hoodin'

Dislikes: Poor construction/materials. looseness, rattle on some

Standards these days seem to be L-Style and FIT. Waiting for feedback to see what the new Harrows and Target spinners are like.
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Yep , for some loopy trowers spinners could be a great help.

Just make sure you got some good quality spinners, wich actualy spins!

And it is sometimes hard to insert a flight. Thinner flights are easyer.
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My only experience with spinners was early on... aluminum spinners that felt like they would rattle, and sometimes bend after a few bounceouts. I do think it reduced deflections, but the ones I had had the thin aluminum tines, so i still got some robin hoods.

I moved to nylon stems with punched flights and slot locks, basically the polar opposite, and am pretty happy with them. No robin hoods to speak of, and paired with storms, im not getting a ton of deflections either.
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I have always been a gadget kind a guy ,,, be it with electronics and darts,,,,I like the concept of the spinning flights/darts,,,,that includes spinning flights and movable points,,,,,Using these type of systems may give you a psychological advantage as well as a physical advantage,,,But on a whole most are cheaply done aluminum stems and rattle when you pull back to throw,,,,,if it moves and it hits the floor it will bend/break eventually,,,,

Having said all that I am waiting for my new sets of Harrows spin shafts to arrive,,,,,
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