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Changed stem length
Hi all,

I've got a set of Unicorn Stings and have started playing again after years off. When buying new shafts and flights I just grabbed some aluminium ones from the sports shop without thinking about the length.

I've been playing OK with them but looking at other people's set-ups it seemed as if my darts were on the long side. Having a go with other people's shorter darts also felt a bit better - as if something wasn't right with my set-up.

So last night, after warming up badly, I switched to the shorter stems and it immediately felt better. There's a chance that it was psychological I guess but I hit 5 tons in 4 legs and had 3 140's in practice. This is high scoring for me as I'd say my 3-dart average would be about 40-50.

The dart itself seemed to fly truer and I was happy with how I played.

You may have just changed the balance enough that its more suited to your grip and throw, are you a front gripper?
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[Just gripped a dart so I can describe it]

My middle finger is at the front of the dart with the finger pad on the grippy bits. My index finger is at the back of the dart where the shaft meets the stem.

My grip is a bit inconsistent. I still throw darts that I shouldn't because I'm not gripping them comfortably.

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