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Slo-Mo Video: Change grip? Darts? Neither?
Hi Nutz:

Thanks in advance for taking a look at these videos and giving me your feedback.

Background: Recently bought new Dynasty A-Flow "Johnny K" darts. A little heavier and more front loaded than the ones I've been using for a decade. Shooting well (thats 25PPD / 3.0 MPR soft-tip for me) but the darts just haven't being flying "right", with a lot of wiggle in the air and in the board.

When a friend took a slow-mo video I was shocked to find my tip dropping to almost 45 degrees at release. So, I tried longer stems, bigger flights, no difference. Pulled out the old darts... yep, that's apparently just how I have shot till now. Who knew.

Anyways, my non-darting girlfriend says "You're pushing the tip down with your index finger". No, I'm not, watch... I hold the dart like G Anderson with the tip of my finger off the dart... and sure enough... flat and smooth. But (obviously) little consistency and comfort after working with it for a few days.

See for yourself please

Old Grip: https://youtu.be/bNosmydGwmE

New Grip: https://youtu.be/VMhtNW_TDWY

If my goal is to get better, what should I do? Stick with the new, awkward grip that makes the dart fly "correctly"? Keep my old grip and adjust equipment (to what) to compensate? Are these new darts a bad fit? I'll take the step back to go two steps forward, but need a little advise on what you see here as well.

Thanks again for reading (man that got long) and for commenting.

Casino Mike
Hey dude....so I don't play soft tip and I'm not great at darts but you hit 3 bulls if I'm not mistaken with the "old grip"...If it ain't broke don't fix it I say...I'm in the camp of "I couldn't care less what the dart does between my hand and the board as long as it sticks in the right place"
I'm with Zimchaz on this one. Got to stick to what feels right.

My darts 9 times out of ten will fly true, but sometimes they corkscrew through the air. I still hit my target and the darts land correctly (no weird angles) but they don't look pretty going through the air.

I only play pub league but I have been commended on my throw and some of these guys who have been 'playing' for years have asked for tips. The only thing I will say is find a set of darts you're comfortable with and stick with them. As long as the point hits the target then job done.
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Well I tell ya the old grip u do have a wobble and the new you don't. Are you uncomfortable with the new grip? Maybe practice for a week with the new and see what happens. Thanks for posting this as this is a common problem for lots of players. I have found that if I grip to hard my dart wobbles like crazy.
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Any change in form will seem awkward at first, till you fine tune or get used to it.

To me, the new grip seems to have offer a lot more potential "if you want to get better" since you're starting from a better foundation that seems to give you a cleaner release and flight pattern. That might go further down the line where accuracy and consistency is concerned.

Personally if it were me, I'd stick with the new, try it out religiously for say two weeks and twerk it after those two weeks if need be. The temptation will be there to switch back to the old, or might subconsciously go back to the old, especially during tough times / not hitting what I'm aiming for ... so it's up to me to correct it. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Keep videoing training and practice sessions for the two weeks to see what's happening/make adjustments.

I'd also try training rings as my objective is to adjust to the new form rather than be a marksman. That will come later. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

All the best from someone who can't hit the broadside of a barn! Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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I think its always a little risky making a new change after doing it a certain way for so long. I think you will get a lot of differing opinions about this so you may end up more unsure than ever.

I can see exactly what you mean from the old grip though, the point does drop but in the new grip although its a better alignment its not a massive improvement. But when you see a lot of pro players throws in slow motion they dont all have a perfect shape to the darts flight yet the darts still hit the intended target.

Looking at your old grip the darts centre of gravity looks to be flying true and the dart itself corrects its position before entering the board which is affected by the flight and shaft combo. So I would say its fine as thats the way it works for you.

So I think you need to base your decision on how comfortable you feel with the new grip and if you think the new grip is giving you better results but if it was me I think I would stick to the old grip. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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I prefer the flight of the new grip. I would not take hitting 3 bulls or not as the deciding factor -- there is too much going on to do that.

It looks to me like it is the wrist snap that makes the difference in the flight of the dart -- with the old grip, there is a bit of push up just before release. This is not so good. With the new grip, you release without applying that upwards force. This is better.

But, with the new grip, it looks like your follow through stops a little short on the first dart especially: The hand stayed up for a moment at end of stroke, then snapped down. This is not so good. With the old grip, the wrist snap is well integrated. This is better.

So the question is: Can you get the stroke to be as smooth as with the old grip when using the new grip?

If you can, great! If you can't well, maybe that grip is not for you?

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