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Hitting doesn't get easier, you just get better
Hi guys,

When I first started chucking arrows I was told that when I hit my first 180 they would become easier to come by and I would start hitting a load.

My first 180 came along in the early hours of the morning when chucking some darts to pass the time - boom! I thought that's it, I can do this all the time now.

Needless to say it didn't quite work out that way - it must have been a good few months until my second, and I know that by the time my third came about I had already moved out of my parents house.

Long story short, doing something once doesn't mean you can do it again and again, but it does prove that you can do it.

As I've played more and more I have come to realise that the trick isn't to specifically go up aiming for a maximum - instead I look to hit as good a score as possible by setting up the shot with my first dart. I'll aim at the top of the target in the hope that the dart will sit up nicely for me just above the treble, or just inside, so as I can follow in with my two remaining darts. Grouping, again, comes with time and I once heard Eric Bristow say that for beginners learning to group your darts is the most important thing - regardless of what segment your first dart lands, try to keep them together.

As an amateur player still trying to find my way in the local leagues, I know that I won't hit big scores every visit - maybe every other visit if I'm lucky. For me even a solid 60 is a good outcome as it's much more valuable than 26/30/11 etc...

I keep my game as simple as possible and just try to keep my darts in the upper segment as it's far easier to aim at an upright target than attempting to lob over it. Phil Taylor can do this no problem, but we don't have 16 world titles! Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

For amateurs such as myself keeping your line of throw is a priority - a good marker is to line your shoulder up with the 20. For a while I simply thought that holding the dart in front of the 20 was enough - while my dart was lined up, my whole arm wasn't and, in order to hit my target, I was having to force myself to almost throw with a crooked arm.

Focus on consistency as there isn't any point on hitting the big scores if you are only going to follow up with a small score and effectively cut you big shot in half.

I know what I have posted here will not be worth too much to many of the better players on this forum but, for me, as I was first learning the game focusing on consistent scores and not trying to hammer the red bit, as it were, is advice that couldn't have come soon enough.

Now when I hit the treble with my first dart I do almost expect to hit a 180, or at least 140 - unless you can hit back-to-back maximums, a 140 is every bit as good as a 180.

Hopefully this little tale from my experience can help at least someone out there. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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+1, great advice sir.

if i may add:

I got hung up on 180's and eventually found that its best to just let it happen ( i was the classic 2 in T20, excitemnt hits and "BAM" straight in the middle of 1 or 5). I have found though that as Gratton says 140 is every bit as good unless your playing at the elite level.

e.g. in the pub league ive just played 2 seasons in:

we played the equivalent of about 950 legs. (9 matches a night, 2-3 legs a match, 18 matches a season x 2 - i rounded it up)

in that time 1 person hit 180! and no one checked out over 100

often i'd see someone hit 100+ e.g. 140 and then followup with 26, 15, 3 etc, totally negating a big score

I was content to hit 60 or over and would usually get a 120 or 100 etc at least once a leg. This worked far better for me and the amount of matches i won purely because someone would go

100, 15,123, 15, 28 to score 281 with 15 darts

whereas i'd go

60,60,80,140,60 to score 400 with 15

sure they hit more 100's to start but i'd score more because i was consistent

i think if you can hit 60 as your standard, then once that's down, bring a 140 once a leg and jobs a good'un!
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also great advise about keeping a solid consistent score.

In my soft tip league I have only one goal with my 3 darts every visit of 01 and that is 1 bulls eye. I have 3 chances to hit 1. "One a round" was a team mantra one season because with one bull a round we never lost a game. Because the other teams weren't consistent with the scoring.
I know when I hit my first 180 it was a couple of weeks before I hit another but then after my third they came very often and I was chuffed beyond belief really as when I first started as was really sure that I would never even hit 1 ever!
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i want to get better. I shall go practice now!
it took me 3 months to get my 1st. and it has been my only one lol
Great post AGratton +1
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I had 3 180s the other day, by far the most in one 24 period, but that was after 2 months of none whatsoever, but loads of 140s, so I guess it doesn't really matter. Especially on league nights.

Good post though.
Just started darts August these year and begun regular training end September. My 1st 180 was last week of November and the 2nd was just 3 days ago. From the start until early-November, i use to aim and shoot. i enrolled with Flight School and did the A1, A2 & A3 drills. Since last week of November, i changed my style into just shooting the darts without aiming. Those 180's came few days after adapting spot shooting. These week i was able to hit my 2nd 180,171, 153 & 144. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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+1 great post!!
Great advice, thanks!
This is one of the best posts I read on this site. Thank you very much AGratton.

By the way, i know it's not fancy writing but it's straight to the point and very effective. I think you express yourself well brother. Cheers Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Funny, I'm a different case, but i was primarily a cricket player for years.  Took me a few weeks to hit my first 180. But after I did, they came almost daily. I guess I'm a different case seeing how i played darts for years w/out playing 501.  Nice post.
~Rear :cigar:

I just had a conversation about this very thing with the wife. Consistency is definitely key, and the more often you put 3 in the 20 the more often you will put 3 in the 60.
In saying that I couldn't begin to guess the number of times of hit a 180 in a leg and then lost the leg.

There is an emotional hurdle to jump to hit 180s on the regular, and the only way past it really is to hit more of them in my opinion. I remember well the feeling of putting 2 in the 60, and the heart skips a beat, and the adrenaline surges and then a big fat 12.

After converting 120+ to 180 enough times this won't happen as much and you'll be on your way to becoming a 180 machine.
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As a cyclist I had to smile at the OPs title. Greg LeMond is famed for saying, "it doesn't get any easier, you just go faster"

Nice post, OP
I never thought I'd be so adept at subtracting 26 from any number....

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