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Who scored the first 180?

The Guinness Book of Records used to include a claim for this, but in my research I have not been able to trace the pub in which it was said to have been achieved in the early 1900s or the newspaper in which the event was supposed to have been reported.

Both the first 180 and the first 9-darter will probably never be known. OK, so I might find a report later on which says that 180 was scored by Mr X in a pub in London in 1928 or that Mr Y hit a nine-darter in Holland in 1978, but who's to say that someone else, in a pub, in a private game, hadn't hit one a lot earlier?

So, what do we do?

Paul Lim First BDO World Championship 9 Dart FinishWe have to look at what we actually know for sure has happened and qualify it. So, we applaud John Lowe as the first man to achieve a 9-darter on TV (recorded), Paul Lim as the first man to achieve it in the Embassy Championships and Shaun Greatbatch as the first man to achieve it on 'live' TV.

As my research continues I may well find an earlier report than John Lowe's in 1984 about a nine-darter. That won't prove that that person scored the first ever 9-darter but it be 'the earliest known 9-darter.'

I'm sorry that I have not been able to answer your question exactly as you might have expected, but I hope that this helps - and also illustrates the frustrations that research causes this humble Darts Historian.

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And the earliest ever recorded anywhere?


Here's an extract from my new book 180! FASCINATING DARTS FACTS (published by The History Press during November.

The earliest recorded perfect game was achieved by Albert Gamble, a former Cheshire County player, on Monday 18th October 1976 at the Finger Post pub in Stockport during a Robinson’s Brewery Dart League fixture against the Nicholsons Arms.

Albert, a 56-year-old post office engineer, told reporters, “I was sixth man on in a seven-a-side and [each man] played just the one leg of 501. After I hit the two 180s everyone came round and it was the quietest I’d ever thrown in. I got treble 17, then treble 18, to leave myself 36. That last double 18 was the hardest dart of my life.”

Despite being witnessed by two club secretaries, two licensees, the two team captains plus an estimated 80 other people present and being properly recorded on the league score sheet which was signed by officials, the folks at The Guinness Book of Records turned down the application for formal recognition of Albert’s feat. They told him, “Your records are too fragmented.”

180! which is stacked with loads of fascinating facts like this can be pre-ordered from www.thehistorypress.co.uk. Cheers!


I entered Albert Gamble into Players of days gone by on the 17th of Oct to commemorate that the feat would be 36 years ago on the following day. The Fingerpost Hotel is still there and still a Robinsons house. I drive past it on occasions.


Cant believe they said that about his record, but all the ones who witnessed it and he himself know that he done it.


what the hell did they want the gits !!!
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