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Soft-tip board - anything decent for 100$
I want to get a dartslive board but dont have the scratch at the moment to get one. I can spend about 100$ but do not know which board is decent for the money.

I read so many reviews on amazon and other sites, some love vipers some dont some love arachnid and some dont....

Any ideas which one would be decent and not break the bank and or break before it comes out of the box?

With soft tip home dart machines you generally get what you pay for.

I'd be on the look out for any sort of Arachnid that you get on sale or clearance on Amazon.
I would second that ,, Arachnid and maybe save a few bucks,,,,

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Thanks for the links guys...

The 670 looks good and is not much outside my budget this go around.

I also like the cricket scoring display although it's not my favorite game.

Maybe toward xmas time i will have the scratch to get a dartslive board or find an arcade darts machine to put in the living room.
Just make sure you get quality tips so you can get full enjoyment from soft tips. With the Arachnid boards I found that the L-Style tips work best. They are about as good a tip as you can buy. https://www.a180.co.uk/product.php/5917/...of-50-snow
Done, ordered the 670 from Amazon.

I did some searches for arcade machine dart boards and found a few for 500 and one guy selling his like new fancy machine for 2000. I doubt i'll spend 2k on one but 500 for a running machine... thats not too bad.

have to start cruising arcade stores that refurbish and sell machines.
I found up my Arachnid G2 Bullshooter with a working money box on craigslist 70 miles away for $300.00,,,,I feel very fortunate,,,,
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I am using the Lstyle points on my darts, just wish they made some obnoxious colors to throw on there instead of red/black/white. (using darts that take #5 threading)
Steel Tip
Unicorn Sigma XL Pro 25g - Lstyle Silent 440 shafts - Lstyle punched flights and champagne rings.

Soft Tip
DMC Katana Meitou Kotetsu 16g - Lstyle Silent 440 shafts - Lstyle punched flights w/ champagne rings, LStyle Tips

Harrows Black Ice 22g, 24g
Winmau Cyclone 24g - Designa Re-Groved stems (med) - Standard flights
Harrows Bomber 27g
Unicorn Sigma 4 Pro 24g - Unicorn Slickstik - Sigma Pro flights
Target 9Fives 24g - Target Pinch grip Tweenie - Standard flights
Winmau Assault 24g


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