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Go lighter as you get better or not?
There seems to be an opinion that when you start at darts you should start with something heavy (say 26gr), but as you improve you should go lighter.

So here is a little story...

When i started a year ago, i started with 24gr (Nodor Penetrators) darts and stayed with it for about 8 months. Then i moved to 22gr (Unicorn James Wade) for 3 months, only to switch recently to 26gr (Masterdarts Vincent Van der Voort).

I enjoy my heavy darts, and feel more consistent with my throw. My switch to heavy darts coincided with starting Flight School, and reading the material that George sent me, i decided to stick with my heavy darts.

Today, as i was doing the A2 drill, i felt i was putting too much effort with my 26gr darts and felt a slight strain on my shoulder.

So i got out my lighter Wade 's darts and went again on my business with A2...and lo and behold with seemingly no effort, excellent groupings occured! Everything seemed to "click" perfectly and i felt i was in total control of my darts...

My reaction? I was terrified!!

I quickly put the lighter darts away, so as not get confused and start (yet again) a spiral of trying different darts...

So to get to the bottom of my question: Is there any truth to the statement "go lighter as you get better?"

I feel that i can throw both 22gr and 26gr well. How do i choose? Any advice?
Ignore the "how you are doing it" in favor of "where you are sending it."
Which do you like to throw? I have thrown 25-26gm forever and really like them but recently I switched to 23gm and I really like them to. Its fun to play around with different darts but when you go to league my advice is to stay with the one dart at least through the season, switching for me during the season is a big NO NO! Now which do u like to throw?
With a lighter dart I do have to focus more -and throw a bit harder. Some of the greats play with 25-26gm darts MVG-Taylor-Barny
Well, i like the grip of the light darts, but i find them a bit thin.

On the other hand i would like a little more grip on the heavy darts, but i really like the feel of their slight wider diameter.

So, there are aspects of both darts that i like. No one is "THE" dart for me, but i enjoy playing with both.

In a match though i feel that i can "trust" my heavy darts more, if that makes any sense.
Ignore the "how you are doing it" in favor of "where you are sending it."
I just recently switched from 24.5's to 20.5's. Not on purpose -- some eBay noodnik listed a set as 24's that turned out not to be. After my initial outrage subsided I went and threw them, and that was that :-)

Still having a few elevation issues with them, but all in all I love them. I'm really surprised.
26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

yeah its really personal preference again. With lighter darts more room in the bed, heavier easier to throw and I believe more control. Over all after all these years if I just had to do me very best and my back against the wall I would choose 25-26gm darts. Thats me.
Back in the early 90’s, I used to love my 28g Hammerheads (30g fully dressed!). As the old saying goes, "That was then; this is now"... These days I shoot 25g Wolframs and they work a lot better for me. I feel like I’m throwing good darts instead of an 8-pound shot put. I’ve tried everything down to my 14g Hankeys, but it seems darts in the 23g-25g range work best for me these days. Next year---who knows?
I can throw 16g darts, or 30g... Doesn't matter. What matters to me is the grip pattern, and the thickness. I much prefer thin darts for easier grouping.

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I believe most of the members here have weighing scales. 3 decades ago we don't have those stuff around. We trusted the declared weight of the darts we got, tested them. And if we like it, we get it.

Dart selection then was based on the "feel" it provides you when you use it. If the darts model complements your throw better than the old one, then you have found the right one.

So it's not about weights alone that should be going lighter or heavier that changes as you play. Back then it was never seen as a concern. What matters is the "feel" the dart in totality provides you with. Thus I encourage people here not to confine themselves in specific dart weight range. These are only "marketing" stuff. Explore, disover, enjoy!

Question: The lack of awareness of how your darts actually weighs - positive or negative?
I agree that weight is only one factor of many when comparing darts.

For example, my Fittons have a heavier feel compared to my Snakebytes (PL15) and they are both 18 gram darts.
I really really really want to love the Snakebytes, but the Fittons suit me better.
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So is there no "ideal" weight for you when you go dart-shopping for instance? Would you try anything from 18 to 26gr?

I wonder if it is short of a "religious" matter? Say if you are used to throwing heavy darts you will continue throwing heavy (25-26gr) only experimenting with styles/grip etc and if you are used to lighter darts you will continue throwing light (light meaning <22gr)?

Are there any heavy dart throwers who converted to light darts and never looked back? (and vice verca ofc) If yes, please share your conversion in details below Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Ignore the "how you are doing it" in favor of "where you are sending it."
+1 about feel vs. weight. I have a set of 24g Target Precision Aviators that feel considerably heavier than my 25g Wolframs. The Aviators are front weight-loaded and the Wolframs are middle weight-loaded, but the Aviators feel like they’re a lot heavier than the Wolframs. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday...
I don't believe anything about dart weights other than "everyone is different"

The greatest players in the world throw darts ranging from 12 grams up to 26+ grams

Find a dart that feels good and use it

Actually, Darth Vader was a major proponent of the “dark side”...
Whatever feels the best in your hand use it doesn't matter what weight or what anyone else says your the one throwing them

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