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HI everyone, I am new to the forum and this section is my favourite! i would also like to share my practice routine here! Below is actually a schedule post for 5:30pm PST on my facebook blog, Dartsology by MARSHY, so you guys actually get to see 5 hours prior to. I hope you enjoy it and I am really looking forward to some feedbacks!

One of my favorite training/practice routine is what I called hands-on visualization. This practice, I have been using for about a month. There were many hiccups ever since I created it, but now it has been tweaked and finalized to make it competitive and fun. The concept behind this is that you are visually playing pros of your choice and you shoot whenever their rounds are done. What you would need is a piece of paper, a laptop or TV to play the video, and a board at home (yes, I only do this at home).

So let's say you picked a match on Dartlive.TV, and the match up is between Boris vs. Royden. You get to become one of them to play the other person. For players just starting this routine, I would highly recommend to be the player that shoots slower, just to get used to the routine. You only get the amount of time they play on the video, any time beyond that is an out. By trying out different player's throwing tempo, you open up yourself to view perspectives of throwing darts from another POV.

Okay, so you picked your video, and you have selected to be Royden to play against Boris Krcmar. It is best for you to watch the match at least once because the point of the practice is to imitate what pros do, and try to understand why they do it. Then the rest is simple. Using the example above, you would:

For 01, you visualize that you are playing Boris, and try to feel all the pressure and emotions, and you try to beat him in an 01 game. When Royden goes first, you go first. When Royden goes second, you try to beat Boris going second.

This is important, because you are trying to imitate move by move, you only play the winning matches! You can play all other matches to understand what the pros do when he or she is on the losing side, but play the winning matches first to build up your confidence and winning mentality.
Whether you hit more or less than what your selected pro hits, it doesn't matter, you still play according to the pro moves when it comes to your round. But on another piece of paper, you write down what you actually hit, in the end, you compare how close you have come to your pro.

I have been doing this practice for a month, and only on 2 videos. It is very difficult at first, but I seen much improvement in terms of mindset and accuracy whenever I visualize that my opponent is a pro. Playing the video helps reinforce that a great deal.
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Yeah I like this idea, I have heard other people doing it but not tried it myself but its a great way to add some variety to your practice and also to get a feel of playing a different tempo like you say, good post +1 Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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