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Having trouble extending your arm ? Heres help.
Shoot at the double 20 - this will help you a lot.

My question is how to keep extending while shooting at double 3? I find it easy to keep a solid follow through at the top of the board, but how to do it at the bottom? When I do I tend to be high, and then start shortening my throw, losing accuracy...
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Focus- Your probably losing focus at the last second. Practice that double three for a few minutes and focus on your target and extending the arm it should get easier over time my friend. Shoot double 20 then Bull then 3 each day.
When I was playing in league if I saw that my opponent wasn't extending his arm I knew in the end I would eventually win.
(07-02-2015, 03:42 PM)*Saber* Wrote: When I was playing in league if I saw that my opponent wasn't extending his arm I knew in the end I would eventually win.
I always got in trouble when short arming my throws.
The thing about shooting at D20 is that you can feel that little lock in your elbow when it's all the way straight, like the angle braces on the legs of a folding table. When your elbow's locked like that, your arm's all the way out.
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If I ever feel like I am cutting my follow through short, that I have some tension in my arm or that I want to refocus the throw I will throw at double top for 9 to 30 darts to get the feel back.

Top advice Saber, +1, I read this from you a while back and incorporated the above into my practice and I have to say that it definitely does work
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Thank you ElusiveDoubles I appreciate that.
Extend is just follow through. Follow through until your wrist snaps down, palm flat to the floor.

Truth be told, you should've released the dart well before follow through -- usually somewhere around the point that the forearm goes vertical..... The follow through just makes everything *before* the release smoother and more certain. The movement to get the palm flat to the floor happens *after* you release the dart, else you twist it and it will wobble wildly. Why palm to the floor? Because if you roll the outside of the hand to the floor, the dart will likely go to the right of your focus.

To my thinking, which may not transfer to yours, the concept behind an effective stroke is to create an economy of motion: all movement is directed towards the target. Pulling back/snatching is the exact opposite of what you want the dart to do.... you cannot "finesse" a dart into the board by pulling back.... you must stroke it towards the target.

Sometimes it helps me to think of "unrolling" the arm to full extension, starting with it being curled up with forearm back and wrist back, fingers back. Unroll the forearm, then the wrist and fingers until all is straight. Do it smoothly and repeatably, without jerking or a sensation of the elbow snapping/locking.

Throw 3 darts at the board, without any real particular target, the exact same way: using a full follow through, unrolling the entire arm. They *should* go to the same place on the board. If not, continue until they do. Then aim the first while remembering that follow through and back that dart up with two identical strokes.

Paul Lim suggests three milestones in the stroke. Aiming position "A", Pullback position"B", and follow through "C". Then think "ABC" and you're done.

Do NOT be concerned if you are missing stuff. You are exploring the range of motion of your arm and trying to become aware of the stroke so you can repeat the really good ones. If it feels weird, you are probably doing it right.

If you watch Dean Winstanley, he has what I think, a horrific elbow snap to his throw. I don't like that, and cannot imagine practicing very long like that without risk of injury, which is why you should NOT feel the elbow lock out. There is simply a lack of economy of motion when the elbow runs up against the stops.

Better to my eye is Adrian Lewis, Nicholson, *Hankey*, King.....
Excellent post Big E take a plus 1 my friend.
Extend that arm - It comes with practice until its part of you.
When I make my mark I can tell it was a perfect throw before the dart leaves my hand just by how good it feels dropping my wrist just so
Great post Big E. I'm trying to improve my consistency and realised that I am stopping my arm short of full extension after release which is causing me to snatch at the dart. Now I am concentrating at keeping my arm going after release. I try to not throw the dart but 'pass' the dart at the board. One trick I've found useful (it sounds silly but bear with me!) but throwing paper balls into a bin. I noticed I always follow through with my arm and also slows down my throwing speed so I'm not 'slamming' the dart. Well it works for me......
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