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Hey everyone,

i am currently playing with a 23g Winmau Stratos, considering however to go go down to the 21g version. A few things that bother me:

- How much do 2g really matter in your personal opinion / experience
- My darts currently land in a 5-10 degree angle with medium shafts / standard flights / whizlock caps. Would that mean 21g would stick in a negative angle, or ist it more matter of the balance of the dart.
- I plan repointin the stock points ( i measured them to be around 25mm) with 30mm Storm Points , would that help on the previos matter ?

Thank you !
The only way you’ll ever know for sure will be by trying things out and seeing how it goes. I did similar experimenting with different weights. I found it didn’t significantly affect my accuracy or consistency and that a 2g change made little difference, but it may not go that way for you. I’ve only used stock points, so I don’t know what difference the Storms may give you. Good luck with it.
Its hard to say with that dart as it is weighted differently due to the dual tungsten barrels, so it may be a hard one to advise on compared to a normal style barrel.
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im certainly no expert, but what ive found is that 2g doesn't really make a lot of difference in my throw. I have friends that swear that they cant throw below this weight or above this weight or whatever. I don't really know how much of that is truth or how much of it is just in their head. people like what they like. for me personally I can take my wife's 26g darts and play for an hour, then pick up a 21g set and in about 9-12 darts pick right back up.

at one time I did the same thing. I was trying to find a "magic formula" of dart weight, flight shape, and shaft length that would make everything better. I never found that, but what I did find out is that whatever you have the confidence in is what you should throw. to answer your question though, I think you should absolutely get the 21g, and also get some 22g, 24g as your budget will allow. get different designs and figure out what you are most comfortable with.

what happened to me was that I bought my wife a set of darts that I thought she would like. they were 26g I think. of course she didn't like them (shes still trying to find the magic formula and is convinced that the reason she hasn't improved much is because theres got to be a weight/shaft/stem specifically for HER and not because she wont stick to one set of darts and practice with them) so I started using them just messing around. well the weight of the dart and the way the grips were positioned forced me to change the way that I gripped it and Voila! all of a sudden I ended up feeling very comfortable throwing like that. so I decided to practice it and its really brought my game to a new level.

so my advice would be to get some different weights and designs and just see what you like. darts is a relatively inexpensive hobby and its always useful to have and extra set or two just in case. plus, im sure there are plenty of stories from people where they bought a set of darts, didn't like them that much and put them away, only to pull them out a year later and start smoking with them. your game and your throw is in constant development and I certainly wouldn't limit myself to one style or one weight.

Shoot Well!

I think it depends on the type of barrels. Some 26g bullets has the feel of a 23g.

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