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L-Style system ?
(07-03-2015, 04:21 AM)Huf Wrote: There are only two different "hole" styles for L-Style.


2) Champagne Shape
which has 4 different caps. Shell Lock Caps which in use with a shell lock puncher you can punch the cap hole into any paper flight. Then you can regular plastic caps or "Champagne Rings" they also come in metal and premium metal.

It seems that you are implying to use a Champagne Cup with at Shell Lock punched flight. A word of caution to those unaware...

Although you could punch a flight with a Shell Lock punch and use a Champagne Cup, that is sub-optimal as you're foregoing the 90 degree benefit provided by the special Shell Lock cup. Also, a Champagne Cup is rounded off at the back and the Shell Lock cup is pointed at the back. There would be slack in the Shell Lock punched hole if you used a Champagne Cup in lieu of a Shell Lock cup. From a performance and design perspective, I'd recommend against mixing Champagne with Shell Lock.

Also, there is no such thing as a L-style 'Champagne Ring'. But there is an L-style L-Ring.

L-Ring - this is the L-style plastic ring that can be used with the L-Flight. The L-flight is a molded flight with a ring hole in it. FYI: you can also use standard rings/springs for L-Flights

Here's a link with some videos on Champagne and Shell Lock products:

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