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Hollowness in darts, is it good or bad?
Hi DNs,

I bought two new sets of darts recently. They are much similar in shape, same weight of barrel 16.5g, but of different length.

I took some measurement and found that the longer dart set is more drill out and hollow in the barrel. In all logic sense, this has to be correct haha.

My question is, is hollowness a good thing or bad one? I mean a dart should be as uniformly weighted right, like Harrows always advertised for their ICE series; " create a dart of unrivalled concentricity and uniform high density"
I feel most people who have tried them will say hollow = better. I would agree. Where's cy?
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(05-20-2015, 02:08 AM)Ni518079 Wrote: I feel most people who have tried them will say hollow = better. I would agree. Where's cy?

LOL To be honest I can't really tell the difference. I've had quite a few sets drilled out now and other then the weight difference they all fly the same.

I also have a set of nearly hollow 14g Hankey's that fly perfect. I added a bunch of tungsten putty and beefed them up to 16 grams. They fly through the air exactly the same.

Cosmo keeps all their barrels the same size and drills them out to get different weights. Target does this with Taylor darts. These are top tier companies known for their quality. They do it for a reason... Must be something to it.
Oh now you go and make me look like a liar. :p Ok so maybe it's just me. I think it it because I can get the same diameter but keep them light, both I like.
(05-20-2015, 02:10 AM)Ni518079 Wrote: This thread may interest you.


Great thread! Thanks!
I guess its all down to how it feels for you, if it feels good then that is all that matters really Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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I think the geometry as it relates to the center of mass of the dart has more to do with how they fly than the weight.

Drilling out a little won't change the balance much.... it will make it more nose heavy. Unless you are a rear gripper, it does not matter a lot. A rear gripper with a front loaded dart does not seem to be a good match ( at least to my mind ). So, a longer dart ought to be worse for that shooter.

I get serious wobble when tossing a Bavaria UM. None with a Harrows Wolfram. Managable with a Target Jimmy Hendricks ( really nice dart btw ).

The review of the Wolfram here suggests they are better for a rear gripper than a front gripper. Again, same reason: the distance from pinch point (thumb index finger) to the centre of mass of the dart is too far. At least I can speculate on those with such a grip. Those that balance the dart on the thumb I have no idea....

I'm sure there are those that can get good with a difficult setup. Same as getting good with inefficient movements. We all have an incredible ability to adapt.....
I am a rear gripper, prefer long darts >45mm, play soft tip, so barrel weight is 16.5g most of the time.
Long darts + 16.5g barrel = Drill out at the bag = Front Loaded = I am screwed. LOLx
Yeah the same dart set can be drilled out to various lengths, I had 7 sets of gold mvgs at one time and they were all over the place in range of drilled out depth. This was driving me crazy till I decided to test if i could feel the difference and took the sets of both extremes, dressed them up the same and had a good 30 min throw session. I made small tiny marks on the flights so i could only tell what they were when i retrieved them from the board.

My conclusion: It's all mental, while actually throwing them there was absolutely no way i could tell.

We are probably talking around 7 mm of difference, more drastic of drilling might make more of an appreciable difference, but i doubt all that much in the long run.
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On a side note, I feel that Shot! did a good job on their design for extra long series darts. I got both series 4 and 5 of their darts. Series 4 is 56mm long and Series 5 is 59mm long, both 18g. They both are the same thickness. So I am expecting some drill out for the Series 5 darts. Surprise is there are not any additional drill out at all. Shot! did the weight reduction by have deeper indent for the grip part. So both Series stay uniformly solid throughout the dart. Wish to see more of these design intent by taking out weight through minor and deeper cuts on the surface.

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