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Tried to change my throw - messed everything up
Hi Nutz, i've received lots of great advice since i joined a couple of months ago but i found that using my previous throw (it's very much like barney's except my elbow does go up) it is incredibly hard to hit 20s consistently. I was great at the other cricket numbers and decent at bull, but couldn't hit 20.

Hence i decided to change to standing at the centre of the oche, and it has helped greatly with 20s but everything else has now become terrible. What should i do?

Also, i've had a few comments from people about keeping my arm straight after releasing the dart (good example would be takehiro suzuki) because right now my hand just comes straight down (like mvg). what's the difference between the 2?

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Just FOCUS on your aim and let it flow naturally. Eyes on the board. Deep breath before throwing. Release those darts with follow through. Take your mind off on those "must do" standards that you are putting into yourself. Hold the darts in the manner you feel comfortable with. You should be in a very relaxing comfortable balanced stance.

Now go ahead and practice until your averages improve. Have fun in the process.

We will deal with the outcome after this exercise. Now - GO!!!

By the way this article shared by davidsproull is good!


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