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Any good games that can be used which train doubles I am getting a bit bored of doing around the clock day in day out?
I like to do 101 DI/DO for some quick doubles practice. I also have made wood tiles similar to Scrabble tiles and numbered them from 40 to 101. They are put in a jar and taken out one at a time and it is the number I have left to win a game. Let's say I pick 89 and shoot for the T-19, hit it and then it's D-16 for the out. But, let's say I hit S-19 and leave 70, then it's T-18 for D-8 or S-20 for Bull. I keep shooting until I take the number that I picked out.

Another thing I do is start at 170 and see how many darts it takes to win.
check the practice room. I have a vid.

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