Target Pro Tour mini-review
Good evening all,

Well, after using a Blade III since Nov 2009, I decided it was time to get a new board. Since, we get pillaged senselessly here in Canada on boards (because of shipping costs to get them from England) and shipping if we try to buy them online, I just went down to the shop in town and chose the Pro Tour simply because of price. For staple-free boards, my choices were Pro Tour for $85, Blade 4 for $95 and Blade 4 dual core for $115. So, Pro Tour it was.

Got it up and had a few pops at it and so far I like the following: it's pretty quiet when the dart hits, the segments are easy to see without being overly bright, I like how the spider is embedded into the board - makes it easier again to see the segments, and the number ring is traditional, but white so easy to see.

I'll have to see how it holds up over time, but given that I got over 5 years out of the Blade III, I'm not overly concerned about that. Will post back after a month or two to report on wear at that time.

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I love the Pro Tour boards - me last half dozen board have been Pro Tour, partly due to price (I got me last 2 for £18 a piece direct from the shop) and after taking a chance with the first one I honestly couldn't fault it.

Hold up well, looks good, well made and would get a 10/10 from me.
Anyone else have any opinions on this board? Been thinking about getting one to try something different. Trying to decide between the pro tour, Shot bandit/Alien or Dynasty Emblem King. Target board is the least expensive
The Pro Tour is better than the Bandit Plus, I paid £54 fore the Bandit and found it to be so soft my darts were hitting the backing ( the Bandit is thinner than normal boards)and others have had issues with spider coming out!
The pro Tour is nice and quiet, thin wires, bright and accurate colours too.
Would still buy the G2 given the choice
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The bandit I had was rock hard, and so were the other bandits I've played on. I've heard that about the spider too but I never had any problem with mine. I think we all hear horror stories about all the different boards, I think it's luck of the draw for the most part. I would like to try the G2 but kind of hard to get here in the states and I've heard lots of horror stories about them too!
It's either a Blade4 or a Target ProTour board for me...I like 'em both
Hmm i might try this board out. My Bindit plus is very hard, and when i play against my brother (he trows 19gr) his darts fall out of the board very often.
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I said I would update in a month or two and it's been a year.  Oops.  Anyway, wear has been very good.  I don't throw at it much - probably half an hour 3 or 4 times a week, and I haven't made it a full rotation yet, but it still looks new.  No complaints from me.
Unicorn Barney Phase 1 23g darts
Harrows Gripper tweenie shafts
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