My Practice Routine
I suppose I posted this in the wrong forum so I copy and pasted it here, sorry for the length

I was just curious what everyone's practice routine is, may be interested in changing mine some and would love to see what everyone else does to incorporate parts or whole routines. Mine is as follows:

I start out warming up for about 30 minutes. Just randomly bouncing around the board throwing at different wedges

After warming up, I throw 100 darts at the bullseye(not 100 throws,as my friend misunderstood). I keep track of how many bulls I hit, a single counts as one and a double as two. After 100 darts I am generally in the range of 50-60 bulls hit, not a bad average I don't think.

After that I play four games of 121. For those unfamiliar, I start out with 121 the first game and attempt to get out (ending on a double), if I hit it in 9 darts or less, the next game I move up to 122, if I hit that in 9 or less the next game I start with 123, so on and so forth. If I don't get out in 9 darts or less, or I bust my out, I drop back to 121 and start again.

After that I throw at every double on the board, starting with 1 ending with Double Bull, going in numerical order. I count how many darts it takes total to hit them all. This is perhaps the most humbling and frustrating part of the routine, as I may start out and hit D1, D2, D3 with my first three darts, then next throw get hung up on a D4 for 6 or 9 darts. It almost always takes me 95-100 darts to finish this part, because I end up getting hung up on a double that I don't throw at regularly (I truly hate D19 after doing this routine two days ago)

To finish it up, I play 501, best of 5 sets, each set best of 5 legs. I start with 501, if it takes me more than 15 darts to get out I lose the leg, 15 or fewer I win. Even after I pass the 15 dart mark, it is important that I stick with it and finish the leg out so I can see how many darts it takes me. I have won legs, but yet to string together the consistency to win any sets. The reason I find it so important to finish is at the end I use the numbers to figure out my PPD average. I do so using the following formula :

(501 x Total number of legs played)/Total Number of darts thrown

My PPD average stays around 22, generally being brought down by poor shooting at the double or messing up a set up shot.

I find it useful to keep track of all the information for a couple reasons: 1) I am not aimlessly throwing, I am actively competing against myself trying to improve my scores and 2) In a league match or a tournament if I lose a match I know whether I was playing up to my standard, if my averages are all on par with what I practice then I was simply outshot and I know I need to work on my game, if I lost and my averages are worse than practice, I know that I beat myself and need to figure out what caused the deficit.

Again, I'd love to hear everyone else's routines, I would also love to see what you are shooting if you have some free time and would like to try out my routine, so I can see where I stand among the throwers here, as I know there to be some great shots in here. It seems like a lot, but generally only takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete the entire routine, depending on whether or not you are already warmed up. I must admit, after doing it the first time, my results truly humbled me.

Also, if any of you are interested in giving it a whirl, or incorporating it into your regular routine, I have created a spreadsheet that I printed up copies of to keep in a binder for quick reference to see my progress or regress if I am in a slump.

Looking forward to everyone's feedback, and perhaps even some friendly competition to best each other's results, driving us all to be better shots.
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I warm up by throwing at the board for 15 minutes or so than I play as many online games as I can. I did this for one year straight and started to throw some of the best darts in my life. That's it. All I did.
I used to throw for about 10 mins just throwing anywhere on the board.

Then I would play about 2 or 3 games of round the clock just on singles but any part of the number really.

Then I would play 2 games of 100 at 20

Then I would play 180 round the clock (where you throw at each number and score as much as you can, the most you can score is 180. 3 points for a triple 2 for double and 1 for single) Quite a quick game so would play 2 or 3 games of that.

Then I would play round the clock on Doubles finishing with T20, 25 then Bullseye.

Then I would play a few games of 501.

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